The Closet Cleanout and the Energy Shift!

Repeat after me: It’s never a bad time to clean out the closet! Although, I usually like to shift things when the weather shifts. I have been noticing lately that my closet has been in deep need of sorting and clearing. There is a slight amount of dread that goes with this awareness and aContinue reading “The Closet Cleanout and the Energy Shift!”

Some Days I Just Want to Go Into a Closet and Chew On a Belt!

Have you ever experienced a relationship or friendship connection who will always take what you say the wrong way no matter what it is? Or, maybe you have experienced that one friend who is about to make the biggest mistake of her life, but to tell her would rip her heart out (or maybe yours)?Continue reading “Some Days I Just Want to Go Into a Closet and Chew On a Belt!”

From the Closet

As a little girl, I remember learning to pray in a small Lutheran church. I had already learned to  talk to God  on my own. My mother used to put me in front of those old black and white movies about Jesus when they came on around Easter. Talking to God was an innocent automaticContinue reading “From the Closet”