We Don’t Have to Strive Hard to Get What We Want in Life

The word “strive”, by definition, makes me cringe. The basic meaning of the word strive is to make a great effort to obtain the things a person desires or wants in life. To strive creates an image of straining considerably. Fortunately for us, all this is not required to have all we want and desire.Continue reading “We Don’t Have to Strive Hard to Get What We Want in Life”

Here is Your Weekly Wisdom! Have You Made Good Choices?

The night before last I had an amazing dream that put so many things in perspective for me. My dream challenged me to go back and consider all of the choices I have made in life, only leave out any bad things about them. I was only to consider what good came out of them.Continue reading “Here is Your Weekly Wisdom! Have You Made Good Choices?”

Here is Your Weekly Wisdom!

The Power of Blessing Your words speak action into your life, but they also speak into others lives. Through God, we have the power to bless or curse. Blessing those we love with our words is the greatest gift anyone could give them. They don’t have to be long sentences. You only need short onesContinue reading “Here is Your Weekly Wisdom!”

Do You Hang with a Telephone Gossip, or Dirty Talker?

It is so true that we become like the people we hang around with or talk to. I have watched people transform in the wrong directions just talking to new people who bring out the worst in them instead of the best. This is absolute truth. If the words of your friends, connections, and others,Continue reading “Do You Hang with a Telephone Gossip, or Dirty Talker?”

What’s Your Problem?

Now there is a million dollar question, right? I guess I should entitle this post, “What Problem Are You Dealing With Now?” I can see your wheels turning. Maybe you are dealing with many problems. Welcome to my multi-tasking world! Let me interject some reality here. Everyone, I mean everyone, has problems! In fact, ifContinue reading “What’s Your Problem?”

Indignation Will Keep You From God’s Miracles!

Indignation means to have a righteous anger about an unjust action, mistreatment, or an insult. It’s good to stand up for what we believe in and also to defend others against injustice. In fact to see sin or injustice and do nothing is also sin. “Remember, it is sin to know what you ought toContinue reading “Indignation Will Keep You From God’s Miracles!”