We Don’t Have to Strive Hard to Get What We Want in Life

The word “strive”, by definition, makes me cringe. The basic meaning of the word strive is to make a great effort to obtain the things a person desires or wants in life. To strive creates an image of straining considerably. Fortunately for us, all this is not required to have all we want and desire.

So if we are not struggling, striving, nor straining for the things we want to achieve in life, how are we supposed to have the kind of life we truly desire? The answer is simple. We love it. If it sounds like it’s too simple to be true, it’s because it is simple! I know it sounds so very esoteric, and believe me, it is! Love has no choice but to be attracted to love. So, therefore whatever we love, and hold gratefully in our being will come to us.

We are so used to having to “work hard at it” to get the life we truly want and desire, or the things we decide will create happiness. The bottom line, if we are loving, we will be happy and are happy. Holding a vision in love in our hearts is the first beat toward getting the subject of our deepest desires. Our gratitude and thankfulness for those things bring power to love and helps lead and guide us toward our greatest dreams and accomplishments.

There is not one thing I have ever done or obtained in life that I have not significantly loved first. It’s because we live in a universe that returns to us what we put out into it. Our Universe our God, the powers that “be” are complete and will never fail.

Sometimes things don’t come to us in the form we think they will; they will come to us better than we thought! If great love has been placed upon it, then greater will the return be in the love that has been given. It sounds easy. It is easy. Jesus taught there is no need to strive for anything. If you take a look at nature, you begin to realize that the birds, animals, and plants of the earth are always given what they need and love to sustain life.

How would any of us be different? We are not! Close your eyes for a moment and picture the greatest treasure you desire in life. Allow that vision to travel to your heart space and feed it, love. Then send it out with great intention. Love it daily, and you will be surprised at what will come your way in the form of blessing, synchronicities, and even more…results!

Bottom line, if you can dream about it, love it and be thankful for it, you have it already! Just reach out your hands and be grateful. We live and love in a Universe that is standard, and works for us every single time! Isn’t that a blessing?

Loving YOU from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD.

Here is Your Weekly Wisdom! Have You Made Good Choices?


The night before last I had an amazing dream that put so many things in perspective for me. My dream challenged me to go back and consider all of the choices I have made in life, only leave out any bad things about them. I was only to consider what good came out of them. Then the question was asked, “Was it a good choice?” My answer was always YES! I went from marriage to employment to school, to moves I have made. You name it the dream brought me through it!

What I realized is I made GOOD choices throughout my whole life so far! Every choice brought me to the place I am now. I woke up with a happy joy. So often we focus so much on the bad things that have happened in life that we forget the great things about it! We “think” we have made bad choices because of those difficult situations. If you do this exercise you will realize that all of your choices brought you some great things in life and took you right to where you now are! If you are not happy where you are, think of the good things about it and be grateful. Gratitude is a powerful energy that brings more blessing in your life!

YES! You made good choices! I guarantee you did! Not everything felt good all of the time; but are we here to just feel good or are we here to also learn? Well, today you are learning that you are brilliant! Your choices have been amazing and you are amazing too!

Consider yourself always a rising star and count your blessings for all that you are and all you have come though!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev Jenine Marie Howry

Life Coach/Counselor

Metaphysical Practitioner

Ordained Minister

Here is Your Weekly Wisdom!


The Power of Blessing

Your words speak action into your life, but they also speak into others lives. Through God, we have the power to bless or curse. Blessing those we love with our words is the greatest gift anyone could give them. They don’t have to be long sentences. You only need short ones to bless someone.

“I bless your coming in and going out”

“I bless your life and all of your family”

“I bless your finances, that they be multiplied 100 fold”

This holiday season consider giving words of life. Bless you is not just for a sneeze! Bless others with your words of love and encouragement. Even strangers need your blessing. After all, we are not as estranged from one another as we often feel we are. We are a part of one great family! When you bless others, you bless yourself and the rest of the world as well. Be a world changer with words of blessing every day!

“Today, I will bless those I come in contact with using my words. My words are powerful and they speak life into those I encounter. I will bless my family with words of love and encouragement, appreciation, and compassion. Let all the world be blessed in every facet of life!”

May you be blessed with an abundance of love and great joy this holiday season!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry


Do You Hang with a Telephone Gossip, or Dirty Talker?

road-people-street-smartphone.jpgIt is so true that we become like the people we hang around with or talk to. I have watched people transform in the wrong directions just talking to new people who bring out the worst in them instead of the best. This is absolute truth. If the words of your friends, connections, and others, are not edifying, you will become just like them. Ditch them!

Seriously! What you put out there is what you manifest in your life. What you listen to and engage in regarding conversation is what will also guide your life. Marriages are broken, families are separated, reputations are lost, and lifestyles go down the drain through bad connections.

Remember God’s words about hanging out with a gossip. DON’T DO IT! Everything they say to you and everything you say to them will become like a radio broadcast. Before you know it you have no idea why others start to avoid you. You stop getting promotions, people won’t like you, and you will wonder why. Watch your words. If they are changing and you are becoming more bold with things that are less than pure, you are talking to the WRONG people in your life.

You will then watch God and His created Universe only support and send dirty things into your life that will keep you from His best. Do you want this? Here is a suggestion.

Make a list of all of those you connect with on a regular basis and think about how interacting with them affects your life. Do they bring blessing or do they bring division between you and God’s blessings? If you listen and talk with a dirty talker then you will be pegged as one as well. Not only that, you will BECOME one.

Look toward those who have good hearts and pure minds. They are those who will be supportive when things are hard. There are a lot of good people and good choices to make out there. Make the good ones and watch your life be blessed and cared for!

**Talk to someone you can trust and will hold your confidence. These are those who you can let everything hang out and they are accepting, non judgmental, and support you no matter what. Stick with friends who will compassionately listen, laugh with you, and hope the best for you no matter what you have to share with them.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC 

What’s Your Problem?

frustrated-womanNow there is a million dollar question, right? I guess I should entitle this post, “What Problem Are You Dealing With Now?” I can see your wheels turning. Maybe you are dealing with many problems. Welcome to my multi-tasking world! Let me interject some reality here. Everyone, I mean everyone, has problems! In fact, if you don’t have problems I would think you are an alien with some sort of super powers to overcome obstacles and leap tall buildings at a single bound. Bottom line, you can not escape them!

Yes, I know, they make life a pain. Life is supposed to be a pain. In fact, life is supposed to be one pain after another. Life is like labor pains; problems and labor pains. Before you click off and proclaim me too negative, think about this. Without problems there is no reason to solve anything. Can you hear me in this? If there is no reason to solve anything then there is no way to grow, no need for intuitive insight, no reason to find or seek peace. Have you ever had a problem resolved and were able to take that deep sigh of relief that says, “I did it”!

You see, without problems there is no celebration of success either. Interview any successful person and they will tell you about all of the problems they had to field on the way to where they are. So, get on your hiking boots because life is a mountain to climb. Yes, indeed, we can speak to that mountain, “Be thou removed” and if we have faith, it should vanish, right? I think it’s more honest to think that maybe the mountain can be removed by solving the issue concerning how to climb it! That is the only way muscle will be built and the only way we can ever celebrate our success!

I know, sometimes it feels like one thing after another hits us and we become sure there is a bulls eye on our behind that every problem seems to be attracted to. If this is how you ever feel than consider yourself fortunate! Sounds strange, I know. Think of it this way. The more issues you need to field and solve the more your faith has to be exercised, your brain has to be accessed, your emotions need to be tamed, and your skills need to be utilized.

How about if I interject the idea that having problems is a blessing and thinking of them that way will make them less daunting? If life were always easy and no problems were to ever come up, I think that would mean a person is probably dead or in a coma. Let’s embrace them, alright? Repeat after me:

“Problem, I am so blessed by you! Thank you for coming into my life, because now I am challenged to be an over comer. Thank you for showing me that I am alive! Yes, I treasure you and your lessen you came to teach me”!

Blessings upon you, AND the problems you face today!

Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC

Indignation Will Keep You From God’s Miracles!

devils and angels7777Indignation means to have a righteous anger about an unjust action, mistreatment, or an insult. It’s good to stand up for what we believe in and also to defend others against injustice. In fact to see sin or injustice and do nothing is also sin.

“Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it”. (James 4:17)

Jesus had righteous indignation when he saw people misusing the temple courts. His anger turned the tables against wrong doing. But Jesus was completely righteous and his anger was not something He held onto. He picked His battles correctly, standing up for God, proclaiming the house of God to be a house of prayer.

While many times we are justified to have indignation because of what has been done to us or someone, it is not good to hang onto it. Hanging onto indignation is anger with an attitude and attaches itself to pride. We all know, or should know, that pride always comes before a fall.

Indignation is a sneaky little thing. Since it is caused by some injustice it always “feels right” to hang onto it. After all, no one should get away with injustice. Our God is a God of justice as much as He is a God of grace and love. God’s justice is always righteous. With us it is not always the case. That is why God tells us that vindication is in His hands not ours.

“Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God. For the Scriptures say, “I will take revenge; I will pay them back,” says the LORD. (Romans 12:19)

If any of us are to have right attitude then we have to learn to leave the results to God when we come against injustice. We all should take a stand against malice and the evil in this world. Sometimes we take a public stand and sometimes we fight it in the spirit. Often we do both. Again, the hang up is when we hold onto the outcome with indignant anger.

The Bible tells us to anger but sin not. We get angry, and we do become indignant. People can actually become quite offended. Sometimes its just plain justified, but by no means does this mean there is permission to hold onto the offense and allow it to be rooted into a stronghold of bitterness. Evil strongholds are caused by the enemy and not God, but we allow them.

Indignation comes from an action that has caused a wound. The indignation might be justified but we are never justified in allowing a wound to fester. Once we have done all we can to stand, our instructions from God is to continue to stand. He will fight our battle as the righteous judge and believe me, those who committed the injustice will eventually understand their error! God truly IS a righteous judge and He is good at bringing people to repentance. Just remember that even though letting people know they have wronged you is the right thing to do, punishing them is not.

You have to learn to let go and let God handle things. The spirit of indignation would love to attach itself to you and drain the life out of you. Also that prideful anger would love to keep you from God’s miracles. Any sin separates us from God and hanging onto any part of anger once it is expressed is sin.

What a lot of people do not realize is that indignation is a spirit as much as it is an emotion. In fact the sneaky spirit of indignation attaches itself to the emotion in hope of keeping a person angry and upset. This is all a well constructed strategy to keep God’s people from receiving His miracles and blessings.

Today, I want to see you released from indignation that might have been caused for a good reason, but now it has become a stronghold due to hanging onto it. Don’t be fooled. That stronghold of indignation loves to fester inside the wound that was caused from someone’s actions. Don’t let this happen! It will keep you from God’s miracles and it will cause you to react out of the wounds instead of have right actions.

Healing and Deliverance 

Dear Jesus,

We thank You for Your goodness and revelations of freedom. Dig deeply into wounds caused by indignation and release them through tears, repentance, and humility.

Release your wounds to Jesus now and let Him take care of the heartache that injustice has caused you. Spend some time doing this with Him. I promise He will meet you right there and will be kind and gentle with you. 

Through the power of God’s Holy Spirit and in Jesus’ name, now renounce and cast out the spirit of indignation. Call it what it is, kick it to the curb, wave “bye bye”! Don’t take it back on again! 

Dear Jesus, Reveal and break down every stronghold of indignation. Heal wounds and place Your sweet balm upon them. We release every injustice against us into Your hands to deal with as You see fit. We trust Your righteousness to be fair and just. Thank you for healing and for freedom! amen

Free along side you!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching