Are You Still Living Outside of Yourself?

selective focus photography of anchor pendant
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Today, take the time to meditate on who you are and what you have inside of yourself. So often we tend to live and adjust to what is on the outside instead of knowing the security of what is on the inside of us. Instead of allowing your emotions to be moved one way and then back the other, allow yourself to be anchored to God inside. Being anchored means to not be tossed around by every little thing that happens in life.

Let God be an anchor that holds you stable. The Bible tells us a double minded man/woman is unstable in all his/her ways. When a person is double minded they seek to please or act according to what, or who, is on the outside of them. When God is an internal achor there is no tossing. A foundation is built on the wisdom and maturity of walking in spirit and not according to physical experience.

Take some time to move inward and reflect on the stability of God’s nature. Intend to be anchored to the nature of God. It means to walk with integrity, God’s character and wisdom.

Loving you from here,

Dr Rev Jenine Marie Howry