Meet Dr. Jenine Marie

Dr. Rev. Jenine is known for her sweet sense of humor, accurate spiritual guidance, and ability to hone in on uncommon wisdom. She has spent a lifetime educating herself and exploring fields that many do not associate with guiding professions. She is a strong believer in the body, mind, spirit connection of the human being.Continue reading “Meet Dr. Jenine Marie”

Law of Attraction: How to Improve Your Life by Attracting Differently!

Have you ever wondered why you attract the same types of people that are hard to be around? Or maybe there are wounds inside of you that you just can’t seem to get over. Sometimes we just want life to be better but don’t know how that works or what to do. Does the LawContinue reading “Law of Attraction: How to Improve Your Life by Attracting Differently!”

Hypnosis: What it is and What it Isn’t, Plus Some of Dr. Jenine’s Personal Journey!

There are so many assumptions and even misunderstandings about hypnotherapy. Many have no idea what hypnosis is and also what it is not. The benefits of hypnosis are beyond explanation because they are uncountable! Dr. Jenine Marie talks about her own hypnosis experiences and also what hypnosis can do to change a life for theContinue reading “Hypnosis: What it is and What it Isn’t, Plus Some of Dr. Jenine’s Personal Journey!”

Universal Law of Increase and Multiplication

What can be more gratifying than getting what you truly desire in life? God created our universe to be standard and the Universal Laws that guide it will never fail! All you need to know is how to use them, and how they faithfully operate! Watch the “powers that be” come to your assistance whenContinue reading “Universal Law of Increase and Multiplication”

Your Pineal Gland, And God Light. Lift From Darkness (video)

I wanted to put this weeks wisdom in the form of video teaching. I pray it enlightens you in some spiritual, emotional, and mental things Loving you from here ! Dr. Jenine Marie Howry