It’s Alright to Be a “Runner”


For the longest time I have felt very honest with myself, and others, when classifying myself as “a runner”. It means I take off when things are not working for me, hurtful, harmful, or when I am completely “done” with a situation. This does not mean running from responsibility or what I know is right. It means running from what is wrong for me. I suppose a better way of describing it is a “turning away from” a situation in search of a new experience.

When I look back, I have realized that often my issue is not running from bad situations but actually staying way too long in them, or around them. Then I’ve come to a point where I have had enough and really don’t care to experience it any longer. I leave it behind me. It’s what we are supposed to do! It’s what I should always have done from the beginning. It’s not selfish, it is self preservation.

You see, it’s part of the human navigation system. When we sense danger or become uncomfortable with something, we are meant to turn from it. It might be very obvious or just a hint of something could just feel “off”. Sometimes seasons have changed and what used to work for us no longer does. So we leave it behind and grasp at something that works better. Why be discontented or unhappy when a new change can make life so much more enjoyable?

Why would God say, “Behold, I make all things new” and not mean it? In order to make things new, our actions need to reflect our responsibility in the process. Sometimes I crave what is new. Most of the time I have to be fed up to create an action. That’s probably an example of waiting too long. Following a much needed change can bring a new sense of empowerment that was not present before. We need this! It is part of growing and evolution as a person.

Apostle Paul spoke of leaving that which is behind and reaching forward for what is ahead. If anyone knew about leaving things behind it was him. He traveled so much he was like a gypsy. I totally get that feeling! As I have looked back, I have realized something important. Every time I left a situation it has been for a good reason and usually to correct a wrong choice for me. Even in wise choices, not everything stays the same. We are always in flux because we are meant to always evolve. Staying stale and stagnant accomplishes nothing but discovering depression, stunted growth, and disharmony with where life is pulling us toward.

Being a runner is a good thing when we are running toward what preserves us, grows us, and brings us peace. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that is worth compromising our peace of mind and heart.

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry



Weekly Wisdom: Learn the Value of Relationships

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In our own section of this world we have relationships with different people and in different ways. Some are acquaintances, family, some life partners, some deep friendships, and some are just passing through. They all have value in learning about them and also about ourselves. The people we attract into our lives are those who teach us the most about ourselves inside and out. Sometimes they test us. Sometimes they help us to become better and more aware beings.

People speak to us how they value or do not value us as well. We can tell by the quality of time they spend with us. Notice how I did not say amount of time, but quality. We can spend very little time with someone and be deeply loved and involved with them. It’s all about heart connection and how deep we decide to go soulfully and expressively.

This coming week, take a look around you. Determine the place each valuable person has in your life. Ask for wisdom as to what that person is helping you to see about not just them, but yourself. Relationships help us evolve. Sometimes they hinder us and sometimes they help us move forward. It is up to us as to which of these someone is doing. If they are hindering, it is their issue to work on. Don’t mix up their issue with your own. Either you are in their life to give them a hand up or they are there to teach you not to stay stagnant in a place where you are not productive. Move onward!

Some relationships expand us. They are there to help us see our God given potential and they always want the best for us. Regardless of where they are in life, they are always moving us forward, encouraging us to be more, do more, expand more. These are treasures; earth angels, and blessings who have been planted there for our evolution and to achieve excellence. Hang around and soak up their wisdom!

Some are continual heart companions. Whether close in proximity or far away, they are those who have your heart in mind and share with you theirs. They are there in your life to help you process your own frustrations and grow in love and acceptance. They spark your creativity, help create inspiration, and allow you to be yourself in good times and in not so good times.

Consider your relationships this week, and determine what each one means to you and why they are there. Think along the lines of your inner growth, healing, or expansion. Journal if need be. Getting clarity on life helps to move forward in it.

Loving you from here!

Dr Rev Jenine Marie Howry

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Honor Your Time of Going Within: The Winter Seasons

JenineHowry2Along with winter comes the desire and need to cover up from what is outside of us. We layer on extra protection, keeping us safe and warm. Winter challenges us to warm ourselves from the inside out. We have the opportunity to work on our inner guidance, direction, and issues that keep us stuck. Without the winter and inner work, we become bitter from the cold. Warmth on the inside gives us the promise of tomorrow and a new season that approaches where our new seeds can be planted in order to provide new growth.

The type of seeds we will plant is decided in the winter though. As we work through our inner selves and new ideas, our inspiration is to decide what new seeds we shall soon plant. Will this be a new book project, a resolution of some sort, a passing of sorrow or leading into a new filled joy?

Along with every season, winter must come just as the others. We are not the same without its coldness, the need to cover from the elements and go within, and the new decisions we will make while we await the spring. Many see time spent in the winters of life as a shadow cast upon them with darkness all around. This is alright. Without the shadows in life we would never come to understand how brilliant the light can be!

“I will come to honor the winter seasons with its shadows, coldness, and need for covering. I have faith that God will provide the covering and inspiration I need for a fresh new season when spring arrives. I intend for the best seed to be placed into my heart and hands for the greater harvest when the time is right.”

Loving you from here,

Jenine Marie Howry

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