When “Things” Are Not Meant to Be

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I believe that life has a natural flow and when we are willing to look deep enough we can see where things are shifting. This flow is not as easily seen as the seasons when they change in weather but they can be seen, felt, and discerned. It’s always hard to shift to a new season, or direction in life. This means it’s time to say good-bye to that which no longer serves us so there will be room for that which does.

Some indications that something is meant to leave your life or your direction is changing:

  1. Nothing seems to go right any more when attempting to do what you have been doing.
  2. Suddenly it feels very negative and is filled with negative people.
  3. Authority is shifted and you no longer have the upper hand in your own life path when it comes to this certain thing.
  4. People who normally feel very connected no longer do.
  5. Your heart just does not seem “in it” any longer.
  6. You no longer feel joy from what you are doing.
  7. New things begin to entice you into a new direction.
  8. You find that your interests have changed.
  9. You are bored with the same old processes in life and the same old routine.
  10. You have a hunger for more, to learn more, to shift to a new position in life, to find new peace for your mind and soul.

These are just some things you might notice when the “flow” is changing in a particular area of your life. Just as the seasons change, everything must die so that new growth can present itself. As with anything, it can be hard at first, but also the excitement and prospect of new things can propel you forward.

What to do:

Let go of that which is behind and reach forward to that which is before you! Look at the new horizon and stay fixed on the beauty of it all!

Onward and upward! Embrace change, and don’t resist it. You just never know. You might wake up with a whole new facet of life ahead of you!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

Honor Your Time of Going Within: The Winter Seasons

JenineHowry2Along with winter comes the desire and need to cover up from what is outside of us. We layer on extra protection, keeping us safe and warm. Winter challenges us to warm ourselves from the inside out. We have the opportunity to work on our inner guidance, direction, and issues that keep us stuck. Without the winter and inner work, we become bitter from the cold. Warmth on the inside gives us the promise of tomorrow and a new season that approaches where our new seeds can be planted in order to provide new growth.

The type of seeds we will plant is decided in the winter though. As we work through our inner selves and new ideas, our inspiration is to decide what new seeds we shall soon plant. Will this be a new book project, a resolution of some sort, a passing of sorrow or leading into a new filled joy?

Along with every season, winter must come just as the others. We are not the same without its coldness, the need to cover from the elements and go within, and the new decisions we will make while we await the spring. Many see time spent in the winters of life as a shadow cast upon them with darkness all around. This is alright. Without the shadows in life we would never come to understand how brilliant the light can be!

“I will come to honor the winter seasons with its shadows, coldness, and need for covering. I have faith that God will provide the covering and inspiration I need for a fresh new season when spring arrives. I intend for the best seed to be placed into my heart and hands for the greater harvest when the time is right.”

Loving you from here,

Jenine Marie Howry

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