Throw Out the Trash! (This Has a Surprise)!

cover1009-photohedI never knew how much junk a person could accumulate until I was faced with the task of moving it. I mean, how can one person collect so much stuff in such a little time? One time I sat down and counted how many times I had moved in my whole life, and I think the resounding number came to 27. Can you believe that? Who moves 27 times in their lifetime? Sometimes I think God wanted me to move just so I would sort through my things. I always seem to think I will need it one day or I might use something again. This might be true, but in all honesty, if a person does not touch something for at least a year it is not worth saving. Not to mention someone else might need what we don’t. Not everything is valuable stuff though. Sometimes its just added unneeded weight that will ultimately make a move a nightmare. Why do we save things so easily anyway? I mean, we really can’t take it with us, can we?

Have you ever thought about how you might be doing the same thing with life experiences and difficulties? Do you tend to hang on to a bunch of trash from the past and even the present? Don’t you wish a big old dump truck could pull up one day and just collect all of your inner trash for good? If only you could  pull it all out, gather it in a ball, dump it into a dumpster, and wave good bye as the truck drives away. That way there is no heavy load to weigh you down when you encounter the rest of life. But, it is not all that easy, is it? Just like the accumulated junk we tend to save in our homes, we also tend to save junk in our internal caves and canyons. Its only a matter of time when the mounds of stagnated emotion and experience will tend to pour out into present life. Eventually life becomes bogged down with the muck and mire from the past and God begins to call for a troop movement! Are you at that point when past garbage begins to seep through your pores so much that you can’t seem to get anywhere in life? Don’t kid yourself, it will happen if you don’t begin to sort and dump. Sometimes we tend to even get used to our past trash and we just let it sit comfy on the same couch as our present experiences. Anyone smell burning rubber? Darn it, I do! That would be your friends running in the opposite direction! Before you get your feelings in a huff here, think about it. If life is not working out so well right now, no matter what you do, maybe it is time for a little moral inventory. Believe me, it will help to clean out your life if you work on it. Here is the clincher though; you have got to want it bad enough to make the move and continue to sort and dump. How bad do you want your life to become lighter and a bit easier? Maybe you would like a fresh start. We all need that sometimes.

Let me give you some things to jump start your process.

Start with what should be the obvious. Who have you truly not forgiven? Be honest here! No one is watching accept God and He knows anyway. Now ask yourself; do you really want to drag this person into every single argument, every single missed opportunity, every single relationship, or even lack of one? Yep, UN-forgiveness can cause you to lack relationships too! Think about this; how much power do you want to give this person who is so hard to forgive? If you take inventory and realize you still drag them around then evidently you want to give them too much power. Did I hear you balk at this? Come on darlin’ you know you are holding on if you still feel a sense of anger or disruption in your mind space, not to mention your life. Dump it gal! Dump it now! How about this, write the person’s name on a piece of paper, and tell that person they are forgiven for whatever transpired between you.  Then crumple it all up and give it the royal flush! You can forgive their actions and still love the person. Although, bottom line, if they are not good for you give the spiritual wave good bye. If they were meant to be in your life, God would have them there front and center. Finalize this and repeat after me, “Dear God, I forgive _____and today I let them go into Your hands”.

How about your past mistakes? Have you forgiven yourself and let go of the things you wish you could have done better? Did you know that hanging on to your past mistakes can hinder you from achieving some of your fondest goals? Let’s get rid of that little road block right now! God wants you to be successful! Lets chip at the wall here, “Dear God  forgive me for ___________ and help me to forgive myself. I release that experience into Your hands right now”.

This is a great beginning!

If you truly want to experience the kind of freedom God ordained for you to have, then dump the trash as often as you can remember. Your life will change! Guaranteed!

From one dump along to another,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

** Photo credit: North Coast Journal





You Were Made for This Time, So Go On and Soar!

photo 3 (4)One afternoon I had walked into a bookstore on a quest to find a book by a specific author. I bumped into someone I knew and had not seen for quite some time. I asked her, “How are you doing”? Her reply was, “Oh I am just fine, just looking around for some inspiration to read until God tells me when to work out my destiny”. At the time, I really was confused as to how to address her with this. The question came to mind, “Why wait”? I pretty much knew this type of situation before. ( I had gone through this myself). I could only assume at the moment that her destiny confused her. I can understand that feeling; been there, done that. I remember not wanting to feel bossy or like I was telling her what to do. I wanted to shout from the roof tops to stop waiting and just go ahead and do what she was created to do!

Aside from the obvious to love one another, love ourselves, and love God, there are specifics that we all have the pleasure to accomplish in this life. It is not hard to find out what those things are. We recognize them because we are absolutely “in love with them”! I remember the very first time I preached a message after I was ordained many years ago. I was so afraid inside and out. I wondered if I had anything that would make any sense, or if I was going to completely flop doing it. I did it anyway because there had been a love planted inside of me to do just that. God knows I had good education! Not only that I was accumulating life experience to add to the messages. My passion for preaching a message that was given to me was so strong that I could not help but press past any anxious nerves I had. I loved it so much!

Let me just interject to you right here and now. You have been created for a time such as this. God planted things inside of you that you love so much! Once you are honest with yourself about what those things are, there is no stopping you, and no reason to wait at all. In this world, we can think of a million things we could be doing, but the very special ones that we are passionate about will not be able to help but bring passion to others. Our glow in it will outshine any fear at all.

I’ve said this to encourage you today. If you are passionate about creating and completing a household that is welcoming and vibrant to others then do that! If you love the thought of opening a new business and always dreamed of doing it, then do it! If you were called to teach and enlighten others, then please give us the benefit of your ideas! I think you get my drift here. When it is something you are so in love with and the thought of it makes you smile from the inside out, then it is something you should be doing right now. This is YOUR time! You have God breathed life inside of you. You have gifts that only you possess and can give of in this world. We all need you, and we need you working your passion.

Don’t you see? Stepping out in what you love elevates us all. When you shine your light, you bring us all light as well. When you glow in your purpose, we all glow a little brighter because of you. Bringing more joy and life into this world is never a mistake, ever.

Rise to the occasion my eagle! You were made to soar. Block out all the resistance and negative thinking about your ability to accomplish your goals. If you love it, and God has given it to you, then you will not fail. You will make mistakes, but you will not fail.

Do you want to solidify your destiny and dream? Tell someone what it is! Speak it out as much as you can and with all the enthusiasm you can muster! Just be wise in the telling. Tell someone who you know will embrace you and who you can trust with your vision. To be blunt, don’t tell negative Nellie down the street when you know she won’t be supportive. Even more intimate, tell yourself daily. I know this sounds strange but procrastination seeps in like a boil and it will stop you if you let it. Speak to it and tell your dream it will come true. Then take one more step after another. I’ve given you the first one, now soar! If you want, you can tell me! Whatever you do, just own it my dear. The more you own it the more you will make it yours. Make sense? I hope so! I want to see you soar!

So, today, close your eyes and imagine that special “thing”. Take it to the next level. What would you do right after you tell someone what it is? One more step darlin’, that is ALL it takes! Just keep repeating that “one more step”. You’ve got this and God has granted it to you, so go girl, go!

Motivationally yours,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

(Yep, I love being a shepherd out in the pasture of life. That is MY passion! Do me, and yourself proud gals. You won’t regret it, ever)


6 Ways You Can Empower Yourself In Family

familyisforever11Family issues can be a bit complex. On one hand we share many similarities, and at the same time, each family member is a different individual. I’ve often been amazed in looking at my children and seeing that they have grown into people with different personalities, ideals, and opinions, and yet have been raised in the same family unit. We can share genetics, the same DNA, and still be very different. It’s part of the beauty of being among others who have separate experiences and unique personality traits.

There is nothing quite like the acceptance and security that comes from the love within a created family. Yet, often our differences can also cause a great deal of distress. I would have to say that the mass majority of family arguments simply come from different opinions. You know what they say, “Opinions are like (and I will keep this clean) noses, everyone has one”.

Empowering each other as family members is not hard but it does take some work. The extent of that work kind of depends on the depth of disagreement. If the disagreement is about something very sensitive then the work might seem a bit more intense. Usually our differences of opinion and desires are at the root of most family issues. Here are some empowering ways to propel beyond family issues.

  1. Become an active and deeper listener. Listening to understand truly eliminates the bulk part of any issue. A great deal of arguments are simply the inability to understand the others side. Many others are just misunderstandings of opposing ideas. Much of this can be remedied by active and deep listening.
  2. Put yourself in the place of the other(s). This stealthy little move might seem simple, but believe me, it is masterful! You have almost won the battle if you become the master at doing this!
  3. Be willing to examine your own ideas and ways of doing/seeing things. There is a lot to be said for stepping back and taking another look at our own ways of processing and doing things. Our ideas might be very good ones but also upon observation someone else might even have a better idea if we take a deeper look. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Try a way different than your own. You might be surprised!
  4. Don’t assume you are automatically right. Of course you are right for yourself! Most of the time there is no right or wrong in a situation, just a difference in how it is viewed. I’ve seen more conflict just because people can’t put down the need to be right. Even if we do not agree, we can agree to disagree.
  5. Learn the art of communicating effectively. Take an emotional step back. Not everything has to be resolved right at this moment even when it feels like it should. Taking the emotion out of our communication is the first step toward empowering it. Then think before speaking. Have you ever said something, totally in the heat of a discussion, and wished you had not “gone there”? Need I say more? Once things are said they can be apologized for but they can never be taken back. Practice makes perfect in this area. What we study we become more proficient at. Learn communication skills in advance and you will thank yourself forever!
  6. Learn meditative patience. This is a new thing that I have come up with myself. It’s a kind of meditative mindfulness that begins to readjust my brain when my mouth is tempted to be out of control! It calms the emotions that are going haywire and soothes the body while processing them. It’s a way of calming the “beast” within. Don’t shake your head like you have no beast within! Envision something that is beautiful and peaceful to you, breathe in slowly through your nose and then force the air out quickly through your mouth. (This instantly relaxes the body. If it does not work the first time, then do it as many times as you need). You can add your favorite scripture, affirmation, or saying. Remember, practice makes perfect here. Don’t expect to do it completely effectively the first time around. Exercise patience upon yourself!

Remember the love part above all else! We are only given one family so don’t wait to appreciate it until life becomes difficult. Appreciate it all now while you can. It might not seem like it to you at the moment, but life has a way of moving along pretty quickly. Life is too short to live with regrets. Do the work now and reap the benefits and blessings of an empowered family!


Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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Know Where Your Power is Woman!

ID-100272832I’ve heard it often stated that God is a mystery. I have no doubt that the statement is very true. Not all things about God are a mystery though. Some things are very revealed if we choose to look for them. He tells us to seek Him, to ask Him, and to come before Him. He would never say these things unless He plans on revealing, giving, and blessing.

One of the more powerful places to seek God is within ourselves. We are made in His image which means all of the things that He is, we also have inside of us. The wonders of His love, joy, and passion, are all held deep inside and ready to be activated when we are ready to do so. Our nature is God’s spiritual nature.

In the beginning God created, so we also create with imagination, and dreaming, within our choices and our belief. His desire is to work through us for our benefit and to benefit others through us all. We were a thought in His expansive mind before He spoke us into existence and He still speaks to us today in very powerful ways.

We often believe that God is  outside of us, causing us to only reach outward. There also is a part of Him that lives inside of us and is accessible with every breath we take. This is the place He whispers, gives us vision, and reminds us of who we are. When we make this shift in our focus and see Him inside of us we can use that belief, faith, and understanding to also walk in His power.

I want you to know beloved, that He wants to show you this! He desires to show you that you are His and can bring about miracles in Him! You were created for such a time as this, and through God’s great imagination and creativity, you were made to be powerful on this earth! I challenge you today woman, to arise into the powerful place you hold on the planet. God has blessed you with this ability, so please do it with joy!

Seek Him, with deep innocent awe, and know that you are His daughter, with whom He is well pleased. He dances joyfully over you, inside of you, and if you choose to believe, He will work miracles through you!


Sincerely Yours,

Rev Jenine Marie Howry


The Power of a New Day

spring sunset

Every 24 hours we all receive a new opportunity to start over again. I am starting to believe that God made life this way because we are bound to make mistakes, have bad days, and stumble on the pathway. When the sun arises it shines its light upon a brand new opportunity to begin our lives differently if need be. For some reason a sense of relief comes after sleeping and waking once more. God’s word says His mercies are new every morning. There is a powerful new charge that comes to us after having slept and entered into a dreamy rest.

Taking advantage of this moment in life can be a powerful experience. Arising to meet and greet the new day brings many opportunities to do things over, rethink mistakes, and find peace in the beauty of all God has blessed us with on this earth.

Do yourself a favor in this life and dedicate every morning to renewing and redefining your partnership with God. Whatever this looks like to you is up to your own decision. Our restful reflection can  bring about solutions that better suit our soul and prosper our days. Recharging brings new imagination, new invention, and a new grace.

Take a deep breath, read things that are inspirational, and write things that come to your heart and mind. Gods wisdom will help order your day and eventually order your life.

Sincerely Yours,

Rev Jenine Marie Howry

Finding Confidence Through Discerning Anger


Anger is a very tricky emotion sometimes. God has given us the ability to be angry and yet it seems like the world always wants to stop us from feeling it. In all honesty, anger has a real God given purpose. Without it we would find it much harder to discover the places inside of us that hurt. Anger expresses our emotion of feeling slighted, stepped on, rejected, hurt, and many other things. Sometimes our anger can reveal things that we never realized were there in us. Anyone who lives in this world will experience things that will potentially cause emotional issues that can fester deep inside the inner parts. Often these things live in us until something or someone comes along to bring it to the surface. If we stop anger from happening all together then we stop our ability to discover those things that anger will reveal in us.

God tells us to “anger but sin not”. This means basically, “By all means be angry, but do not allow it to flow out of control or get out of balance”. If anger can be used to mindfully bring forward an important issue that needs to come to the surface so it can be dealt with, then it is anger well spent. The hard issues come if the balance of anger goes beyond its true purpose. Once anger has revealed that there is a problem that is coming up, then the real tricky part is to allow it to just simmer enough to uncover it.

The next time anger comes to the surface, by all means express the issue because it hurts you more not to. Then mindfully stop and examine the issue that is behind it. Ask God to help you discern what the anger means and why it is present. Really, anger can be your confident friend if you allow it to. Not all anger is bad, so keep that out of your mind. No guilt for expressing the truth of what is inside of you, even if the truth seems a bit misguided. This is what life is experienced for! You will find a new confidence in this process and a new empowerment as you learn to use your God given emotions to bring real healing to yourself and others!

In addition, never go to bed angry! Meditate, pray, and allow yourself to be settled before sleeping. Keeping anger inside all through the night will cause terrible issue in your health. This would be anger out of balance! Keep yourself on even keel. Learning to manage the waves of life’s emotional ocean is a very lofty endeavor, but well worth the journey!

God’s blessing upon you!

Jenine Marie

Ephesians 4:26 (American Standard Version)

26 Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:

Confidence Through Brokenness

Rev Jenine MarieI’m not sure how it works when empowerment comes shining through brokenness. I can only say that I am so glad that it can and does happen. There is a God given miracle that comes through tears, struggle, and a broken heart. Maybe it is because those are the times when we turn our hearts to God the most, or the moments we seek something higher than ourselves. Either way, or regardless to how it happens the reality is that it does happen. There is a shining moment when everything in life takes a huge shift. Sometimes the circumstances have not even changed yet, it is just the understanding that they will change. It is the power that comes from the knowledge that things will become brighter and better than they were before just in the light of the release of frustration and struggle.

Think of all the times you struggled in your own soul. The emotional train wreck alone is enough to send someone packing from the things of life on this planet. Yet, every single time there is a powerful rescue if you choose to look for it. We are powerful people. You are a powerful person. This truth can never be realized unless there is a struggle and growth period involved.

Sleep soundly and well in the knowledge that dramatic change is taking place in your life! There are moments in life that seem to suck the air right out of us, but without them we would never know how radiant the bliss is when transformation comes. Even more amazing is that the transformation will always come!  The next time there are internal struggles over external things, take some time to reflect on the transformation. The miracle comes through turning life over to the power Who is always faithful to you. Our universe was created with set standards. Those things that are truth will never change. Take your broken pieces and put them on the altar of hope for awhile. Wait for the powerful transformation to begin as you reflect on speaking your heart to the One who always cares, is always there, and will always support you! God never fails. He is confidence through brokenness.

Confidently Yours,

Jenine Marie

Matthew 5:3-4

3“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 4“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.…

Confidence Through Power Prayers

Praying WomanAny time spent in prayer has to be the most sacred time of a day.  We don’t often turn to prayer unless there is an issue we need to address with God regarding ourselves or others we love. God loves when we pray, and in addition, He loves to bless our prayer time with His goodness! Communication with our maker brings everything into perspective. I know that recently when I went through something challenging it was a real blessing to be able to stay in contact with the One who knows me best and to also enlist others to go to Him on my behalf.

I can’t exactly explain what happens when I personally know that others are praying for me through a challenge. It’s a mystical thing and in all honestly I really don’t care as much to know how it happens as to just know that it does happen! Empowerment and confidence come through prayer and connection with God and others who know God as well!

It can be real easy to just say prayer does not work but that idea has to come from those who have not faithfully tried it. My challenge to you today is to find powerful confidence through connection to the highest loving power there is! Spend every morning talking to your Maker and make it quality time. Follow up by an evening of prayer and listening before bed. Prayer is transformational and very powerful!

I guarantee your efforts will never return void. It’s God’s promise to you and to those who come to Him with a heart in faith. Look for Him in answers and in blessing each day you connect. You will see Him in all you encounter! Be powerfully confident, be in prayer!

Love and blessing

Jenine Marie

The Power of Confidence Through Rest

Peaceful Power“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Matthew 11:28-29 (NIV)

There is a gentleness in God that brings complete rest when we allow it to happen. We are invited to lay down our burdens at the throne room and release ourselves from the strains of life. During this time we give over our burdens and allow rest to be our power and confidence. We can never be confident when we are tired, weary, and pressed down. A confident soul is one that allows itself to be free and to rest from life’s troubles.

When we are bogged down with so much in life that it becomes too hard to handle our confidence and power in life will be zapped as well. The old adage, “don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today,” is not always the best advice. Sometimes the best thing to do in some circumstances is nothing. At some point we have to know that the highest power is working on things for our better good.

So, my dear sisters, go and find your rest when you need it! Your confident life depends upon it! We never have the opportunity to see miracles if we are always at work in situations and acting as our own god. Sometimes we need to step aside and allow ourselves to be confident in the God who made us unique and powerful! Yes, we are powerful!

Powerful does not mean we always have to be moving, doing, and acting. Sometimes power sits quietly and waits for some of the storm to pass. The words “Be still and know that I am God” can be the most powerfully soothing words that there is! So, be good to yourself! Take some time away, and allow time for all things to be made new! God has promised you that this will happen! Believe it!

Rest in the power of confidence in God when life’s storms become more than you can handle yourself!


Jenine Marie 

Can Women Be Powerfully Confident?

“I am praying for the confident woman to arise in you to be an over comer regardless of circumstances”. Rev Jenine Marie

I’ve heard it said that there is nothing more attractive in a woman like confidence! I suppose this is very true. Self assured women can be very magnetic! I also believe that confident women are very powerful and have a power to draw others to themselves and draw good things to themselves as well. I feel, as women, we all seek a confidence that will some how magically wipe away our fears and insecurities. In fact, I believe many of us pray for this.

In reality our confidence does not mean that fear is absent. Most of the time fear is present to warn us from things that bring us harm. The trouble comes when we let our fears run rampant enough to rule inside us. I have come to believe that confidence is not the absence of fear but comes out of a transformed way of how we think about it.

It might seem a lot easier to ask God to remove our fear. Honestly it is highly unlikely that He will magically do this, because it is more beneficial to allow us to overcome it and develop a new relationship with it.  So, how do we do this? Sometimes it is a matter of learning to not react to our fearful thoughts and learning how to act in a way that allows fear to propel us forward.

Believe it or not, it is highly possible to do this and find a way toward a more secure confidence. Nothing ever comes completely easy or we would never grow in life, so this might just require some work , some faith, and some dedication. Would you like the kind of powerful confidence that comes from learning how to overcome fear and insecurity? If you just nodded your head, “Yes”, then stick here with me. We have some good discussion to get into!

Before you think that this will mean one formula is revealed and that takes care of everything, consider all of the scenarios you might have to apply it to. The possibilities can be endless! My hope and prayer is that some of women’s main insecure issues can be brought to light in this blog and how to build a new relationship with those fears in order to be an over comer of them. Instead of reacting and over reacting, let’s learn to act in a way that resembles the Spirit of God in us as women! Let’s learn how to be powerfully confident in a way that not only lifts us up but other women with us!

Does this sound wonderful to you? I hope so! I have a mission in life now to lift up women to a new place of confidence that will bring powerful transformation in life. Before I go further, realize that this takes togetherness. It takes faith in God, faith in ourselves, and faith in one another. Can we live in a world where women stop mistrusting one another and begin to work together with each other on transformation? I really believe so! If you want to find powerful confidence for yourself and help bring it to others then stay around for awhile and invite others as well! A new transformation is waiting!

Sincerely and prayerfully yours,

Jenine Marie