Society in Business and Cultural Norms

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D. Life Empowerment Coach, Hypnotherapist, Guided Mediation

The word society can have a broad meaning. When I hear that word, I think of humanity itself. Yet, there are societies within society that make up our everyday life. Within our societies, we create a culture. Let us take the family, for instance. Our family life and the family circle have a particular culture about it. The family has beliefs, what is considered normal, and specific characteristics that make it a family.

Within business, there is also a culture. Most people are in their area of work more than they are with their families. When a person walks into a specific culture, they tend to pick up on the beliefs, ideals, norms, and workplace standards. The standards in a professional office building are often not the same as the standards on a construction site. Still, each creates a culture and a mini-society.

Each person who participates within a business or workplace culture will eventually become like the culture within it. Either this will occur, or the person will leave because they do not feel they fit into the culture’s norms. If someone walks into the business culture and objects to the standards, they might try to change it, depending on the power given to them to do so. This might not come as easily as one might think. Try walking into a construction site and changing their manner of speaking, values, work ethics, etc. This statement is not meant to judge construction sites, but let’s face it, people who work there let their verbal hair down much more liberally than, for instance, a law office.

A person cannot just discipline one employee when all of the employees behave the same. If a culture is to be changed, the work to be done is so broad. (Not to mention censoring someone’s speech these days is getting crazy and far beyond taking away a person’s right to free speech.) Yet, we behave a certain way the culture teaches us to act, right down to how we speak to one another.

I guess the main thing to think about is production. Are the people getting along and producing toward making a profit? People should get along with the manner of speech they are used to in order to produce. Conflict is a bigger problem than freedom of speech rights. When conflict arises, production falls as morale falls. The more excellent management skill is to make sure the wheels of production are turning much more than trying to decide if they like a person’s behavior or not. It does not matter who does not seem to fit into a culture. What matters in business is production. If this is accomplished, why rock the boat? Let people be people and allow the society to maintain the culture they are familiar with.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

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Basic Foundations of Earthly Life Series

Hello to all!

I created this series as a beginner kick off to my upcoming spiritual life and law of attraction series of videos. You are welcome to come explore, ask questions, or you can book a session with me if you have life questions and need help with the solutions! I would love to become a part of your goals and your success!

Basic Foundations of Life-Earthly Foundations (We Create from Spirit)
Basic Foundations of Life Part 2- Marriage, Earthly Marriage
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Look forward to the power of the law of attraction, spiritual creation, manifestation, and more!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

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Opinion: Are Non Violent Prisoners Receiving Extensive Sentences?

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It has been estimated that the US prison system has cost our country, and tax payers, over $80 BILLION dollars per year. Not to mention additional costs by families who want to support their loved ones, stay connected, and add hope to overcome their isolation. That cost can roughly be another $2.9 Billion dollars in paid phone connections, commissary items, and restitution costs.

Just recently the state of California alone has proposed a release of 8000 prisoners who have 180 days left or less on their record due to covid-19 issues. This follows a previous release of over 3500. These are non violent offenders. One problem I see with this is some prisoners could have been non violent at the time of arrest but prison life has created a violent offense. Therefore they are no longer eligible. Did it take the corona virus to have them released sooner? Or might we think their sentences were too long to begin with?

Many non violent offenses are drug related. Since drug addiction is an illness, it seems that the tax payers funds, and family funds, should be better used for court mandated intervention and drug rehabilitation. As long as there are no violent offenses, why not opt for rehab instead of incarceration? Isn’t the idea of the arrest and discipline to teach, inform, and rehabilitate offenders so they can be active contributing people in our society?

What about anger management, drug diversion, technical schooling opportunities and other programs that might actually rehabilitate instead of ruining lives? Our lock them into prison and throw away the key mentality has caused more of a burden on society than to offer mandatory rehabilitation and create active, useful, members of society who actually could have a chance at a good life.

Don’t get me wrong here. There are those who deserve to be in prison because of the horrible things they have done while on the outside. Yet, there are also those who fall through the cracks of the justice system, feeling they have no other choices and end up in violent situations after incarceration that ultimately lengthens their sentences.

Just looking at how many prisoners recently released in the state of California alone tells us that there are those who obviously have received sentences that have been too long. Don’t we think that creating re-entry programs is a better choice than lock them up and release them into a world they are no longer used to? Life is about learning. Rehab for a drug addict should never be a choice in court, but mandatory. Programs where court reporting for drug rehab have been shown to actually work with juvenile offenders when held accountable. Accountability and mentor programs can go a long way in helping potential offenders develop character and skills to lead upstanding lives alongside their families.

For those who are not sex offenders, not violent citizens, do not do harm to anyone but themselves, don’t we think that maybe giving them a mandated chance for change, rather than incarceration could be a better answer? It seems that channeling our energy and tax dollars into mandatory rehabilitation centers would be a smarter idea than over crowded prison systems that do nothing but cause more anger, depression, feelings of separation and loss than rehabilitation. This does not even cover prison inflicted illness that can be life altering and life taking.

We have a country filled with talented drug counselors, anger management coaches, life coaches, and clergy that would make great candidates for employment in centers that help human beings become active members of our societies instead of training more prison guards  to monitor humans who really just needed a better chance in society. Many incarcerated human beings come from one parent families, usually with an absent father. Are we compassionate enough to give them the things they missed out on in this country? It’s not just about dollars and cents, its about what makes sense.

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry, PhD


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Your Weekly Wisdom: By Comparison

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Could we be anymore flooded with images of what we should be or need to be? Who decided when we are supposed to make certain landmarks in our lives and what our value is or isn’t if we don’t? What about our choices? For instance, why is a woman looked at strange if she chooses to not have children in her life?

I remember back in my old undergraduate days studying statistics in social sciences. Society creates these “norms” for living life. For some reason we are supposed to adhere to them or we are looked upon as deviant. The hard part about trying to live up to society’s norms is we all have a different idea of achievement and what that means to us. We also have different ideas about what is beautiful in a person. Some look on the outside. The more wise, I think, look on the inside.

So who is society? The answer is us; we are. Then if we are those who are not “boat rockers” we want to go with the flow of what the majority thinks we should or should not do. We go with what the majority puts out there how we should or should not look, act, create, succeed. The list can be long. If we are those who are not comfortable in our own life’s skin we will begin to compare ourselves to those, we think, or believe are. If we are not apt to step up to the plate to make change. We will compare ourselves to those who we believe or think are more impressive. There are a lot of reasons we might think we missed the boat if comparison is the way we live our lives. Stick to the public’s norm and be happy? I don’t think so. Look like someone else and be admired and confident? I highly doubt it. Achieve what someone else has achieved and be satisfied with our lives? Not likely.

Living life by comparison is a very self defeating way to live. I am not sure why we always tend to think that life is greener in someone else’s bank account, marriage, family, business, or clothing size.  If you are one who finds yourself living in this way, I am willing to bet you suffer from self esteem issues. How can anyone think highly of themselves if they are not looking at their lives as they truly are meant to be? How can there be gratitude and acceptance? No one can keep up with living for someone else, not even for societies poorly thought out norms.

The only way anyone can be truly happy is to learn to carve their own path. This week, look at your outer shell with admiration. Your body got you through a lot of things in life. See what you have as plenty. Many have a lot less than you do. Respect your bank account. If you have some funds in it then you have a lot more than nothing. Admire your life’s choices. Good or bad, you chose them, and that makes them important. I challenge you this week to not live by comparison. It’s a lonely, empty, self defeating place to be. Branch out and be truly who you are. There is no duplicate in the world who is like you, so don’t try to duplicate yourself to be like anyone else!

Loving you from here,

Dr Rev Jenine Marie Howry

Here is Your Weekly Wisdom: Rise Above!


We were all born into this world as a blank slate. What a miracle we truly are! Yet, we are taught and affected by the society around us all of the time. Our minds, hearts, souls, and lives, take on the reflection of a changed person. The depth of our personality and what we present back to the world can be drastically damaged by the negativity around us. We are never doomed though! That is the good news! We CAN rise above that negativity and decide to be a different mirror to those around us.

This very moment, YOU can do as Jesus did when He walked this earth. He rose above the negativity and discord of society as our example. You can do the same exact thing and BE the embodiment of God on this planet and to those around you! Jesus taught us to be meek, forgiving, loving, and move to the depth of ourselves.

Today, rise above the negative talk in your mind, heart, and those around you. Turn it around and be the embodiment of God’s love. You carry God within you. So be that for others and we will all have a world around us that rises above!


Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev Jenine Marie Howry