What to do When The One You Have Loved No Longer Loves You

It is an issue that has plagued relationships since the beginning of time. One day someone wakes up and realizes their love given has or is no longer going to be returned. All of the time and moments that have been put into trying to bond with someone have now seemingly been wasted. First, IContinue reading “What to do When The One You Have Loved No Longer Loves You”

After the Storm: Healing from the Effects of Grief and Loss

We have all been recently affected by a global pandemic that just about brought our world to a standstill. My heart goes out to all of those who have suffered losses during the spread of COVID-19. I know the grief and the feeling of loss. It is not easy. The news media only barely touchContinue reading “After the Storm: Healing from the Effects of Grief and Loss”

I’m Here During Difficult Times…

It’s almost like we were stalked and pounced upon. Suddenly the coronavirus came on the scene and thousands of people started to become ill. (Are you tired of hearing the word coronavirus yet?) I heard today this week things are expected to worsen before they get better. I know it is not something any ofContinue reading “I’m Here During Difficult Times…”

How to Attract the Right Romantic Partner

Every person on this earth desires to “couple.” It’s a part of who and what we are. We are designed to be in relationships of all kinds, but the deeper and more profound relationships are the romantic love relationships we typically seek. Romantic connections are the relationships that teach us the most in life, notContinue reading “How to Attract the Right Romantic Partner”