Characteristics of Love: Love Does Not Envy

Envy is an interesting thing. It’s more than jealousy. It wants what someone else has, is or does. Sometimes envy even wants to live the life of another. It can truly go too far, and it happens. In Buddhist tradition, all suffering or discontentment comes from wanting what we can’t have. I think it alsoContinue reading “Characteristics of Love: Love Does Not Envy”

Self Care and Self Love: What is the Difference? (video)

Hello! I have send this in video form and would love to invite you all to view the message and please pass it on! I am revamping my youtube channel and so you will see some construction going on. Please consider subscribing to my youtube channel! It is created for EVERYONE and all inclusive. IContinue reading “Self Care and Self Love: What is the Difference? (video)”