Anxiety is a Multifaceted Issue

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Out of all of the problems that individuals seem to need relief from, anxiety is at the top of the list. This also includes myself. We all have stress in our lives but anxiety is stress on steroids. Meaning to the max, and it can get worse if not addressed. I call it a multifaceted issue because it really truly is. Anxiety is not just feeling nervous or stressed out, it is a syndrome that comes from many different areas of a person’s life. These can be life stress, worries and concerns, emotional upheaval, what is taken into the body that stimulates, and the condition of a person’s spiritual understanding or walk. Some can come from the way a person’s brain is wired and therefore they are overstimulated and very sensitive to outer things that might be taken inward.

If you want to work toward getting rid of anxiety, start with the most obvious. The things that you take into your body can overstimulate you faster than anything else can. This includes caffeine, too much processed sugar, drugs, alcohol, and processed foods. For those of us who are easily adrenally stimulated any one of the things I just mentioned can put the body, and anxiety, into overload. Back when I was a teen, my mom used to love to drink coffee in the morning. She always wanted someone to drink it with her, so I was introduced to morning coffee at about age 14. It was always accompanied by some sort of processed sugar. I never could understand why I always felt so overstimulated. A lot of the time I went on huge drops in body sugars which resulted in hypoglycemia symptoms. Not once did I realize that I was doing this automatically to myself until I was in my 30’s. My doctor had me go off caffeine completely to see if my symptoms would get better.

Easier said than done! After years of caffeine use I found I actually had to taper off of it very slowly. Hello, caffeine is a drug! Eventually, I was off of it completely. I felt a thousand times better! It’s amazing how much easier it is to handle stressful issues when the body is not trying to process through an over stimulated adrenal system. There were times I tried coffee with caffeine again but eventually had to stop. It’s one thing in my life I can’t handle. My adrenal system thanks me!

Another aspect of anxiety is our thought life. We are what we think and our life reflects the thoughts we harbor. If worry, stress, and concerns, are all we choose to feed into ourselves then stress, worry, concerns and anxious thoughts of the future are all we will reap. This is why positivity and living in the moment are so important. Not that going into the past does not have its good points. To learn, to heal, and to understand, are very good reasons to explore past issues. We grow from understanding and knowledge. That is different than feeding ourselves negative and defeating thoughts. This might take some doing but changing your thought life will produce more positive results than you ever could imagine Positive in and positive out. Positivity helps counter anxiety. Take the Bible’s advice and “Be anxious for nothing.”

Meditate! Calm yourself with breath. Anxiety is real good at making us breath high in our heart area. Can you say, “Prescription for a heart attack?” Processed foods are not the only things that can clog an artery. Not properly oxygenating the blood stream can also reap havoc on the vascular system We are also more anxiety prone when we breathe from the higher heart area. Practice belly breathing during meditation. Even if your mind keeps going 100 miles per hour. Slow down your breath and breathe completely from the belly all the way up to the throat. Then slow it down and just continue with a nice normal flow of breathing. This is very calming and usually works pretty fast.

Where is your spirituality? Everyone has a spirit but are you aware of yours and what you are reaching for? Much to our misunderstanding we are not human beings who have spiritual experiences. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Whatever you spiritually reach for is what your body, and life, will experience. If you walk in a fear based faith then your anxiety will always be attached to you. What is the opposite of fear? It’s love. Walk in a loving faith and spirituality and you will draw love toward yourself. This gives you a reserve to give to others. First love yourself and then love others. In other words put on your own oxygen mask before you try to help someone else with theirs. Fill your life with loving spiritual experiences. Ask for synchronistic experiences and then look for them. Remember, God is a positive Light, not a force to always reckon with. Nothing of the pure Christ Light will ever harm you. The great sages of the world have always been healers, especially Jesus. So be a sage and work to not only heal yourself but then others as well. What you reap will be magnificent after sowing the very best.

Watch what you ingest. This means through the eyes, ears, and thought life. Sometimes a good thriller on TV is fun to watch but definitely not when anxiety is at a high level in your life. The eyes are the windows to the soul and the ears draw in things that will become our thought life. Watch this carefully! Thoughts create! In addition to this, walk with integrity. Don’t engage in gossip, either starting it, spreading it, or hearing it. Be higher than this. You were made to be a healer, so be that! Walk as the sages of the ages have walked. Nurture love, harmony, peace, and serenity. What you focus on will be also your reward! Don’t you think being rewarded with the good feelings in life are better than with stress and disharmony? Refuse to listen to negative people! Change the subject, walk away, or even state that you can not hear this. Eventually, those around you will get the point. Do yourself a huge favor and dump the junk yard talk, or talkers, and give your adrenal system a break. Your body, your life, your loved ones will thank you!

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry



Love’s Truth

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Along life’s path we all experience so many different feelings and facets of what love might be. It’s like it is segmented into pieces that we, as humans, can somehow understand. Maybe the full depth of it is so overwhelming that slicing it up like pieces of warm apple pie is the only way we can handle its implications. So, we segment, and find places in our lives where different facets of love belong.

Of course, there is infatuation; the facet of love that is most confusing. We are meant to be infatuated with others. It is how deeper love can begin, or not. Infatuation is like a mini suburb of love. It takes what is seen and sensed on the outside and makes us feel all dizzy, dancing and emotionally almost high. In truth, infatuation causes changes in the brain that create a certain natural high that many of us mistake for love which is meant to be deeper. 

Then there is dedication love. There might not be a dizzy dancing feeling but there is a certain sense of being there for someone or others. In a personal relationship dedication love can be provision, friendship, or taking care of one another. Dedication love is created in many different bonds. Some can be marriage, but mostly friendship, or fellowship in vocation and even faith.

There is a facet of love that carries with it a kind of affection. Affectionate love might be romantic but it could also be within the bonds of a deeper friendship. Affectionate love gives us a sense of giving to another because of our fondness of the person, their life, or an emotional fondness. We can even have affectionate love for our pets, who love unconditionally and so sweetly.

Dare I mention this one, the deepest and most profound love of all? There is a soul love that happens between two people that goes deeper, closer, and is more profound than any other. It is the kind that comes from the depth of God within us. It digs deep like an oil rig searching for the next spout of liquid gold. It goes wide, like the sunrise to sunset we witness every single day and evening. Soul love does not seek to be right, it seeks to know more. It does not enable the other to be unhealthy, but gives a hand up when one needs it. Soul love will always recognize when there is distress, happiness, joy, or sorrow. It is intuitive, exciting, sometimes hurtful, but always the greatest handful we could ever choose to experience in this life. It’s also the greatest heart fill. It’s a drink of cool water that when partaken of will cause one to never thirst again. It fills the senses, calms human hunger, and is a well of living water that is everlasting.

God’s great desire has always been for us to know the depth, width, and breadth of His love. The only way that can be known is to recognize it within ourselves and then seek it within someone else. We know it when we find it. It was Jesus who said all of those who seek will find, and when we find this type of love is it the greatest love of all time.

Love deep, love wide, and love completely,

Loving you from here,

Dr Rev Jenine Marie Howry