You Can Manifest Your Goals. Don’t Give Up!

One of the hardest things to do is get moving again once good habits have been let go of. There are always those defeating thoughts that go through our minds, like, “When I get enough money I will buy some new exercise equipment and then I will get into shape.” Or maybe this excuse hitsContinue reading “You Can Manifest Your Goals. Don’t Give Up!”

Putting Your Best Intention Forward for the New Year!

I’m not sure where this belief came from for me but I truly believe our whole year will unfold the way we start it off. I know it is only linear time but as humans we determine and schedule our lives by it. There is also something spiritually energetic about the end of one yearContinue reading “Putting Your Best Intention Forward for the New Year!”

Do You Shrink Back On Your Follow Through?

One of the most frustrating issues we deal with as humans has to be procrastination. Or maybe sometimes we just get distracted with so much bouncing around at us all of the time. I can see why many of us don’t follow through on things we really want in life. We find ways to justifyContinue reading “Do You Shrink Back On Your Follow Through?”

Fitness and Being Fabulous!

About 11 years ago I found myself going through a lot of personal life transition. During that time I went into the caregiving industry, caring for seniors in their homes and helping them do things they could not do for themselves. I was shocked at how many pretty healthy seniors needed someone to help themContinue reading “Fitness and Being Fabulous!”