You Were Made for This Time, So Go On and Soar!

One afternoon I had walked into a bookstore on a quest to find a book by a specific author. I bumped into someone I knew and had not seen for quite some time. I asked her, “How are you doing”? Her reply was, “Oh I am just fine, just looking around for some inspiration toContinue reading “You Were Made for This Time, So Go On and Soar!”

Accept and Empower “The Divorced”

This morning I was sipping on my usual cup of coffee just beginning my day as consciously as I can, when I stumbled upon an article, “What the Divorced Christian Wants You to Know”. As I read the article an old familiar road block started to take over my insides as I reflected with anContinue reading “Accept and Empower “The Divorced””

Loyalty is Royalty

In a world where there is so much potential to be let down, there is never a greater gift than to find those who are loyal to us. Whether it is a friendship, place of employment, a marriage, or child/parent relationship, loyalty is a royal virtue. There is no doubt we have found a treasureContinue reading “Loyalty is Royalty”

Powerful Confidence Through Personal Support : Women Need Women!

Have you ever heard the expression, “No man is an island”? I think most people have. No woman is an island either, nor should she ever be! Granted there are times when we really need to step aside and take some independent personal time away from everything and everyone. We need that mind space toContinue reading “Powerful Confidence Through Personal Support : Women Need Women!”