Bringing More Divine Feminine into this World


For as long as we can remember we have lived in a society that has been primarily masculine-driven. Our world has been out of balance and when it comes to integrating the divine feminine we have a lot to learn. This is not about “women’s liberation”. It is about discovering the masculine and feminine within us all, giving both expressions, and creating a world more in balance with both.

In this world we are male and female but also within our inner world, we have both male and female hormonal components only in different amounts. Within divinity, we are also an expression of male and female. Our world is craving more of the feminine aspect of the divine. Today let’s affirm to bring more feminine energy to this planet to bring more balance and harmony!


“Today, I ask that I shine my light brightly in this world. I acknowledge God within me as a light that burns bright to guide my way. I welcome both aspects of the divine within me; masculine and feminine as an expression of God through me on this planet. Let balance be my goal and my aim in all that I do!” And so it is…

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie

Guidance Message: Unexpected Changes

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

Unpredictable life changes can come for all of us. This can feel like a crashing wave against a rocky shoreline or the gentle movement of a butterfly, signifying change. The key to unpredictable changes in life is to embrace it all with grace and dignity. This means keeping a neutral balance, not labeling events good or bad.

All things are good for our evolution, no matter how we want to try to label them. Easing into changes can help digest them better. Shock can happen because the crashing wave changes can be daunting. Allow the shock to process and give yourself some gentle time to be alone.

All things must come to an end so new seasons can enter into our lives. Open up your heart and allow the season to unfold as it should. Only act when action is warranted. Otherwise, trust and allow. Keep open hands and an open heart. Accept life as it is, even sometimes as hard as it is. In time, all things will make sense.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

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Empath: Embrace Yourself

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All of my life I knew that things “felt” different for me. I could not really place my finger on it as a little girl, but let’s just say I knew who would protect me and who could be my nightmare. It was so much more than this though. A very shy little girl, I never could understand people the way that others did. It’s like I deeply could see into them and interacted with very few of my school mates. It hurt a lot when others disliked me and I never knew why I took things so hard. I felt like I was born into a time I never belonged in. By age 12 I felt like I should have been 20.

This went far beyond growing up too fast. Back then, we still played with dolls at age 12. I knew things bothered me that happened in the world. I felt injustice and often felt others were unjust toward me. All I knew to do was to find my place within the hands and the heart of God. As I grew older empathy evolved into what I thought were sugar drops. Suddenly I would just start shaking so I would stuff myself with food and over a few moments I felt better. Yet this was not the real case. I definitely was having an experience but they were never sugar drops. As I look back I now know I was being overstimulated. My so called sugar drops always happened when I was either stressed, in traffic, or crowded, loud, or confused situations.

There is even more than this though. I “knew” and “know” the insides of people. It is not a mind reading issue, it is more like a feeling issue. I know people by how their energy feels, what their insides are like and what they transmit to the world. To some, this is creepy, or maybe even crazy sounding. If it were not an experience I have learned I share with so many, I would think those things myself. I also often know when individuals are lying to me, being fake, or not exactly genuine. I don’t always say something. I like to think God takes care of those things.

In Christianity, it might be called discerning of spirits. Yet, it goes far beyond that too. I often know a persons past, their emotions and where they are out of balance. When I began studying Reiki to become a Master Healer and Instructor I realized I could see the energy centers inside another person’s body. I also realized I don’t have to be in front of them to know. I can just be on the phone with them. I see the colors of the chakra system. I know what is bleeding out of them in energy drains and where more attention should be done on certain areas of their emotional and physical health. This is very different than a medical intuitive, although there is a large degree of intuitive information that comes through to me.

I feel the vibration of a persons body and the energy that omits into the aura field of their physical system. Before any of you start to think this is not of God or not Christian, please consider that good things are never given through evil means. Doing good only comes from God and can be created by God. I had to reconcile that all with myself over time. There were moments in the past I felt ashamed of myself for knowing the things I know. There were also times others tried to create shame in me by saying what I know or how I am gifted is not Godly.

I know its a bit unconventional but I have to go back to the time Jesus was accused by religious law leaders of casting out demons by being associated with the devil. Why would the devil cast out himself? Interesting question to ponder. So why would any gift given by God for healing and understanding be associated with being ungodly?

Empathy comes in a lot of different forms and can be gifted in many different ways. For me it manifests as a feeling, with intuitive associations with others, and with myself. Feeling is the key word here. Empaths FEEL everything. We often try to shut it down because it does become overwhelming. Often the feelings surface as anxiety, depression, headaches, over stimulation, panic attacks, energy drain, and sometimes even adrenal fatigue.  We are often seen as overly sensitive, very emotional, and a bit analytical. We not only feel sad things strongly but also feel joy even more abundantly. Now that is a huge plus!

Empath: Embrace Yourself 

If you find yourself feeling no one understands you because the depth of you can’t help but see more into people. Or if you are easily overstimulated, get emotionally hurt more easy, are called too sensitive, have emotions that go over the top when others seem to maintain. If you often think others seem cold and uncaring. If you know things about people that others don’t seem to know. Or if you struggle with anxiety, panic, crowds bother you, or too much noise becomes overwhelming, you could very well be an empath. Are you tired around overbearing people, and do you have to go and space out into nature, sleep when others might not, have deep and often vivid dreams?

Consider all of the things above and maybe even some of your own. More than this, please embrace who you are! This world needs you. We need more compassion, empathy and healing. We need the gifts that God gives to us in order to help each other heal. In a world that can often leave us cold, can feel unhealthy or cruel, we need those who are willing to step up to the plate and embrace all they are. Remember, we are One. We all experience each other in different ways.

If you need to know about empathy give it a good google search. There is a lot of information about it. If you need to understand why your body feels out of sorts, maybe you need an intuitive empath to help you balance and sort things out. Help is always there when you ask for it. Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will be open to you!

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry, PhD


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“Compassion” Will You Please Stand Up?

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As I picked up the vacuum this morning to do a little house cleaning, I found myself becoming more than emotional. It’s not unusual for me. I am an empath, so this happens to me a lot. My heart suddenly felt like it dropped into my stomach. I stopped the vacuum and took a deep breath. Something has been on my mind and in my heart lately and it has to do with compassion in this world.

A memory came back to me during a time when I published a newsletter that circulated around for a couple years or so. One particular article was submitted by my mother concerning my reaching out as an editor and writer. One way she described me in the article was an individual who could never understand why people treated each other with such lack of love and compassion. As I grew I came to know and understand that the dark sides of life tend to make the light look so much brighter. In the balance of things we tend to create both in this world. I still struggle with people’s lack of compassion for others. I guess I could describe it as the worst form of “self centeredness”.

I realize that not everyone is at the place of understanding how we all affect one another and also “what goes around comes around”. I can’t help wishing some days that more of humanity would learn this. Give out compassion, receive it. Give out grace, and receive it. Give out self centeredness and get that back in experience. The only thing I know of that intercepts this Karmic law is God’s grace. Unfortunately, most people have to come to a point of desperation in order to even look for God, let alone ask for grace and forgiveness.

Although I’ve written on compassion before, it is a sensitive topic for me today. I have tears as I write this; not for myself, but for the hard heartedness I see and wish there was a lot less of. The Bible speaks of a perfect Kingdom. We really truly are not there yet. It would be nice to have it though. I only know to do my part, and that is to send out compassion with my prayers and intentions as much as I can. Every individual makes a difference and every person affects humanity as a whole. It’s a large view, I know! It’s the truth though.

This morning I found myself asking if compassion “could please stand up.” “Compassion, I need to see you today!” So, in a big way, today I am closing my eyes and sending compassion wherever it needs to seep into. Compassion, please enter into the dark places in the hearts of humankind, and cleanse out the dark places, misunderstandings, hurtful feelings toward others, and self centered absorption. I don’t have the answer to world peace, but I do know we can choose to be a piece of it. It can be hard, especially when the world seems unfair and we really want to take on a tude about it. We have those days. But, please get back in balance! We all need you and whatever love and compassion you can give this world.

“Compassion, please stand up and take your place in the hearts of humankind. We need you today and every day.”

If you will, close your eyes for a moment and think of someone or something you truly love. When that love feeling fills your heart, send it out with intention to every area of the earth. Imagine compassion and love seeping into the dark places and hold this image as long as you can. I know I will be grateful for you today. Let compassion be your way of life and as a part of love on this earth.

Loving you from here,

Dr Rev Jenine Marie Howry


Here is Your Weekly Wisdom! What Does It Mean to Have Harmony?


Reach for a life in harmony.

I was elated when my doctor once informed me that my heartbeat was right in sync with my breathing. To me, it was confirmation my meditative practice was working! Everything in life has a special balance. Where there is rhythm there is balance and harmony. When a choir or quartet is in harmony, they create a beautiful sound. When there is harmony in our lives and homes, we create a beautiful sound as well. It’s the sound of a life in order; an existence of peace.

Harmonious situations are when we are at our most creative. All of the things that stand in the way of God move out of the way, and our lives are filled with God’s love and light. A harmonious life is a healthy life. Remember, emotions out of whack, issues unresolved, life lived out of order with God, are things that create a lack of harmony. Our bodies feel that lack of harmony and respond accordingly. This creates disease. If you want to make a beautiful sound, reach for the rhythm that brings harmony in life.

Singing your song with you and loving you from here!

Dr. Rev Jenine Marie Howry 





Here Is Your Weekly Wisdom!


Find a place of balance 

Anything in excess, even the good things, are not a good idea if done out of balance. Life has an ebb and flow, just like the ocean, and balance like all things in nature. Birds know exactly when to fly south and exactly when to come back. If they stay too long where they go it disrupts the balance of nature. In the same respect, too much time spent on one thing in life deprives you and others of other special moments or things that must be done. Remember moderation when gifting yourself with a shopping spree, a special treat, or alone time. Even excess focus on God takes you too much out of the world and you will miss the reason you are here! Just know you take God with you everywhere you go.

You play an intricate part in the flow of life and all of life depends on you playing it well. Choose well, my dear, and all will be right with the world.

Loving you from here!

Dr. Rev Jenine Marie Howry