Guidance Message: Unexpected Changes

Unpredictable life changes can come for all of us. This can feel like a crashing wave against a rocky shoreline or the gentle movement of a butterfly, signifying change. The key to unpredictable changes in life is to embrace it all with grace and dignity. This means keeping a neutral balance, not labeling events goodContinue reading “Guidance Message: Unexpected Changes”

Empath: Embrace Yourself

All of my life I knew that things “felt” different for me. I could not really place my finger on it as a little girl, but let’s just say I knew who would protect me and who could be my nightmare. It was so much more than this though. A very shy little girl, IContinue reading “Empath: Embrace Yourself”

“Compassion” Will You Please Stand Up?

As I picked up the vacuum this morning to do a little house cleaning, I found myself becoming more than emotional. It’s not unusual for me. I am an empath, so this happens to me a lot. My heart suddenly felt like it dropped into my stomach. I stopped the vacuum and took a deepContinue reading ““Compassion” Will You Please Stand Up?”

Here Is Your Weekly Wisdom!

Find a place of balance  Anything in excess, even the good things, are not a good idea if done out of balance. Life has an ebb and flow, just like the ocean, and balance like all things in nature. Birds know exactly when to fly south and exactly when to come back. If they stayContinue reading “Here Is Your Weekly Wisdom!”