Metaphysical Walk on the Beach Video #6: Getting Through the Darkness

I hope you are enjoying this video series. I believe ONE more will be coming after this one. First, we have to come through the darkness part. If you feel inclined, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and pass on the video series! They are my gift to all of YOU! Loving you from here,Continue reading “Metaphysical Walk on the Beach Video #6: Getting Through the Darkness”

Winter Solstice: Darkness and Light

Each year, along with winter, comes the winter solstice. This is a time when the sun might seem lower to the earth around noon, December 21st, 2020, as we experience the shortest day of the year. For the Northern Hemisphere, the solstice marks the beginning of winter, and in the Southern Hemisphere, this day marksContinue reading “Winter Solstice: Darkness and Light”

“Compassion” Will You Please Stand Up?

As I picked up the vacuum this morning to do a little house cleaning, I found myself becoming more than emotional. It’s not unusual for me. I am an empath, so this happens to me a lot. My heart suddenly felt like it dropped into my stomach. I stopped the vacuum and took a deepContinue reading ““Compassion” Will You Please Stand Up?”

Is It Depression, Or Is It Sadness?

A young woman was talking to a neighbor as she sat down at the curb in front of her house. “I am so depressed!”, she exclaimed. As I walked by I could hear the other neighbor ask her what was going on in her life. She talked about all of the losses she suddenly hadContinue reading “Is It Depression, Or Is It Sadness?”

Here is Your Weekly Wisdom!

The place inside you that feels void is only a place of new creation  The bible tells us just before God created things on the earth it was void, and darkness covered the face of the deep. Everything God does has order. When something is void it is a blank slate waiting to be writtenContinue reading “Here is Your Weekly Wisdom!”