People Expose Themselves

People know who they are and what they do. When they become defensive because you somehow “know”, they expose themselves not you.” – Jenine Marie

No one is fooling anyone. We only fool ourselves. We know the truth about ourselves whether admitted or not. Some just don’t realize how transparent they truly are. Taking responsibility for personal actions is the ONLY way to heal anything. When someone does not take responsibility for hurting you, whether they admit to doing wrong or not, then it is time to move on. Those who keep trying to cover their behind eventually end up with no more blanket to use for cover.

PS sticking to their “story” rarely helps their case. They just expose themselves more.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev Jenine Marie

Straight Up Communication

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There is a huge reason I included the words “straight-up” in the title of this blog post. I could have used straight-forward but some of the meaning of this post loses something. Straight-up communication is speaking from a higher perspective and a higher realm of influence. This means before speaking to consider what comes from the higher realm of God’s presence. It means speaking our truth in a way that is straight-up honest, forthright, and gets to the heart of the matter of our concerns and expression.

Equally important are straight-up honest responses to our communication with others. When issues are either hidden or communication is shut down it causes problems energetically, emotionally, and in relationship with one another. One of the more significant issues is how our communication affects the energy centers of the body (chakras). When faulty communication occurs the heart and throat energy centers are mainly affected. When these energy centers are shut off, shut down, or closed off it can cause emotional and physical problems in the body. This is important information because we can not operate in a balanced fashion when either we are not communicating effectively or someone we speak with communicates in a faulty way.

Since our lives and lessons are based mainly upon relationships we need to learn to always be as honest and tender in our communication as we can. Not speaking our truth honestly will shut down the throat and heart chakra faster than we can blink. Not only that, dishonest communication makes our lives a lie. If we want to live a life of truth it is so important to speak honestly.

Guarding ourselves to not allow others to shut our speech down is also important. Many of us were not given a voice as we were growing up. It is time to make sure we have the ability to communicate openly and honestly. If someone shuts you down it is time to rethink connecting with the individual or even a group of individuals. If someone feeds you lies attempting to make them true then it is time to rethink that connection.

Keeping in good health is more than taking vitamins, eating well, and exercising. Keeping in good health is taking care of our emotional health and also our relationships with others. Our energy centers are important. Even more so, our lives and our ability to openly communicate our truth is important as well.

Take some time to evaluate how you speak to others and how others deal with your interaction with them. If you need to cut them out of your relationship circle for the sake of your own health and safe communication then so be it. It takes strength and also deeply caring about ourselves to guard our hearts and our speaking abilities. Keeping in balance in all things will assure we are on the right track with our relationships and our emotional/spiritual health. Love yourself enough to be a truth speaker and to only allow other truth speakers into your heart space and life.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie is an energy healing master and energy clairvoyant.

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*** This article is not to be taken as medical advice as coming from a physician. These are metaphysical practices and ideas meant to enhance the lives of those who choose them!

Stay True to Your Word: Put Away Hypocrisy

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Not all of my messages are uplifting. I would like them to be, but most are teaching and usually what brings the hard lessons so a difficult life can be spared from you. It’s a dirty job. You know the rest, “someone has to do it”. The first lesson in the Bible is about hypocrisy; a lie.

One reason so many love they can count on God is the ability to trust.  It’s hard to trust people because of the human temptation to be hypocritical. Meaning, saying one thing and yet doing another. Some believe this is not lying, but it is. A hypocrite is a liar. Even worse those who are, lie to themselves, make excuses with themselves, and crush any trust they have attempted to gain with anyone.

Some, often rake up a real hard to swallow reputation by exposing their inner hypocrisy. It’s a difficult burn inside to find out from your so called “friend” that your reputation has lost it’s luster because of all of those who now know you have lied, been a hypocrite, and even worse lied to yourself by making excuses.

Grace is a wonderful thing. It gives forgiveness when we don’t deserve it. Yet, there comes a time when even God says there will be no forgiveness and the offender will be turned over to their own mistrusted heart. I have a huge pointer, or piece of advice for those who feel it has been hard to keep their word, have made excuses for all out lies, or think they can be a hypocrite and always be forgiven.

  1. Practice trusting YOURSELF- if you can maintain trust in yourself then you are most of the way there. This requires complete HONESTY as to why or how you feel you can be trusted. Would you trust your same actions from others? I’ve just given you your launching pad. So, my advice is to take it and launch.

I could go on and say trust God but I would rather tell you to seek God and emulate that character. It’s a hard lesson to learn but those who lie, are hypocritical, and omit facts by making excuses will attract the same to them in others and eventually repel those with a lot of inner integrity from them. I want to spare you this pain, so maybe you might want to go back to the beginning and read this again if you need to. Don’t be someone who repels the character of God.

Romans 1:28

“Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done.”

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

Trustable and Healing Truth


This morning while sipping coffee I suddenly started contemplating truth and all of its many facets. I wondered why it is when we work through our ego human self it is so easy for so many people to lie to others and to themselves. Our humanness can be so deceptive sometimes. One deceptive untruth is telling ourselves that no one will ever know if we lie and another won’t find out. We can lie to ourselves as much as another and sometimes both.

Beyond the lie there is such a larger scope of understanding. There is the non ego self within us that includes the presence of God. Within the presence of God inside of us there is truth that contradicts whatever lie might be present. In God there is no lie, there is only truth. It’s the only thing that can enter into God’s presence. When the ego self lie enters into the presence of God, something might come out like guilt, self condemnation, or deep sadness, depression etc. Keep in mind, the lie will alway struggle with truth. It’s like a wrestling game, and according to the Bible, truth always wins.

On the outside of us, universally, God set truth as a standard. When a lie bounces off universal truth it hits us like a backlash. We reap what we sow. I am only separating inside and outside for the sake of explanation. Actually, there is nothing outside of us that is not already inside of us. If we hold within us God, we also hold universal truth. Regardless to how it is experienced, there is nothing hidden from God, and everything that is true and Holy will come forth. It’s the way God is; unchangeable.

As hard as it might be sometimes for our ego, we are forced to learn how to walk in truth. Bottom line, all responsibility is on us to correct all lies and come to the honesty of God’s truth. We like to blame others for our actions, but that never settles anything. The lesson will come back to haunt us every time in the form of Godly universal conviction. If our lives are a mess, we messed it, no one else. Usually it is because somewhere along the line we have not believed or walked in God’s truth.

Let me place a bit of grace on this before I move onward. A miracle of life that God gave to us is a grace period to make things right. This beautiful grace period is a gift through Christ. Don’t mistake this for time to allow things to be untrue. The longer things are let go, the more difficult settling them can become. Eventually every lie is found out. Again, truth will always win out. No exceptions! Yet, even within the beautiful grace we are granted, fixing it always has to include actions on our part. Exposure, either willingly or forcefully in the Spirit of Truth, is the only way to completely heal from lies that have gone forth or have been held inside. Healing can not take place until every lie is dealt with. Please don’t take for granted that untruths of the past will just move onward. They don’t. They exist inside of us until they are exposed in the light of God, dealt with, and healed. Your life depends on it. Eventually all unhealed things will manifest in a physical way. Our bodies speak to us healing and a need to come face to face with some sort of truth. This might take some process like meditation, prayer, talk sessions, and facing God.

One comfort is it is all for our higher good. Truth is trustable. The more we heal and expose lies, the more truth comes through in our lives. This brings the light of God stronger and more powerful into the life we lead. Imagine, walking in the full power of God’s light and truth! Not only is this healing for ourselves but for everyone whom we encounter or interact with. Living in truth is pure joy. It takes integrity, honesty, some work, and sometimes encounters we don’t like, but its all worth it! We grow into a beautiful garden that seeds life into other souls. This is our goal, to become a living planter so there will also be a harvest of souls who are healed, joy filled, and full of truth. We are meant to be the reflection of heaven.

Starting today, allow more truth to come through you. No hiding behind lies, messes, blinders, or walls. Let down the walls and deal with what has not be dealt with. Your life will become one where heaven is exposed every time someone looks toward you, just like a mirror!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry


What is Assumption Really Doing?


We have all heard of jealousy as being the “green eyed monster”, but I feel assuming is more green and more monstrous. Assumption speaks out a lie about someone else. When someone assumes they think they know what the other is thinking, or what the intentions of the heart are, without asking. The first thing that happens with a negative assumption is we react. Usually its with hurt or anger. The hard part is the reaction is just as much as a lie as the assumption. When we really think about it, when someone assumes they are lying to themselves. It’s not the other person or situation, it is actually a reflection of the assumer’s own consciousness.

We assume out of our pain, anger, or past experiences. Assumption believes that another person’s actions are like someone else they knew, or an experience they had before. So what are the keys that unlock assumption?

  1. ASK the other person about their intent, words, or actions.
  2. BELIEVE the best in the situation and not just take on the worst
  3. KNOW that assumption is teaching you about yourself and has very little to do with another person.

Remember, relationship is not about “getting along” as much as it is about learning. We are not only learning about someone else or others, but we are learning more about ourselves. Relationships come into our lives as mirrors to show us the faces of our own souls. If we always remember this, then the anger comes less and the lesson comes more!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev Jenine Marie Howry



In All Honesty: Is It Time to Grow Up?

IMG_20170904_140736_219There are several attributes a person could be proud to have as a quality. One of the greatest things, of course, is love. I know I have often written about integrity as well. A very important attribute to have is to be honest. One huge reason is that lying is detested by God. Since God lives inside of us, we actually detest ourselves when we lie. Its a scourge to one’s own soul and looks pretty ugly inside and out. Since God can not lie it is obviously something that comes out of ego and often pride.

Being honest does not mean to spill out every detail of our lives like lava spewing from a volcano. It means to walk in enough integrity to be honest to those we love concerning things that are deeply important. For instance, withholding something from someone because we know it will hurt them is not integrity. If we know it will hurt them, then its something that should not be done. Right?

Yet, being honest when we have done something that has hurt someone is admirable. I know it can be very hard to do, but even in the light that it might be hurtful, it gives opportunity to clear the air and allow forgiveness to take place. I want to emphasize being honest about a hurtful deed does not excuse you from it. The other party could very easily be harmed and will need time to process what has been heard or done.

Obviously, along with not doing hurtful things, to not lie in the first place is the better choice. I remember when I was little lying to my mom. Oh boy, did I ever wish I never did that! She had some sort of “Mama” sense of knowing when things are not above board. Disappointing “Mama” was not a fun feeling. It’s not so fun disappointing our Creator either, and even more so. Just like when I lied to Mama, lying to someone eats a hole in the soul. No lie goes unaccounted for. The eyes of God see everything from the inside out.

Honesty is definitely a virtue. Repentant honesty is even more virtuous. God loves a humble heart and it does the soul good to be remorseful and repentant for mistakes we have made in life, especially those that cost others in the form of heartache and heartbreak.

Do you have something to get off your chest? Believe me, you know it when you do, because the insides of you will eat at you until you do. Blocking things out and stuffing them down will not help you in the long run. Your lack of honesty will eventually weigh heavy upon your chest until it either begins to harm you or you have to become honest about it.

Sometimes God will expose a lie. I do know some who could never lie and not get caught! What can I say? Its like some are just on a short leash when it comes to those things. Bottom line, maturity speaks the truth. Maturity speaks our own truth when our heart needs to speak up. Facing life is a part of growing up and it makes no difference what our actual age is. We all grow at different paces.

Let me put this out there for you:

“Today I will try a cup of honesty and will repent of a lie I have been hiding. Forgive me Father for hurting your heart, hurting others, and for hurting myself. Give me the strength to be honest about how I feel, what I have done, or the lie I have kept inside. Please heal those I have harmed and release us from a lie that has had us bound, Amen”

Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry, LLC.

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC