Bear Your Soul

cry-out-to-jesusI’m not sure if this blog post is education or expression. Maybe it’s a little bit of both of them. That would not be altogether a bad thing, would it? Expression is important to us, especially when we direct it toward God. He listens and hears even when others pass us over. In fact, He listens to the silent pains of our hearts. Just like he did with Hannah. Hannah wanted to desperately have a child and she was taunted because she could not produce. Her pain was so intense that when she prayed she could not even get words out that could even match what was in her heart. So she silently prayed in anguish before God in the temple. She felt crushed and bruised on the inside and she felt rejected and forgotten by God.

1 Samuel 1:11 (12)

“Crushed in soul, Hannah prayed to God and cried and cried—inconsolably.”

“Hannah was praying in her heart, silently. Her lips moved, but no sound was heard.”

Sometimes we get like that. The issues we deal with in life are so hard that there are no words that can even express them. If we were to give them to people, they sure would not sound very good. Plus there comes a time when expressing to people no longer serves us and only God can console our hearts.

For Hannah, she just had to get it out to God, and in a way that was honest and true. Her silent petitions inconsolably went before Him in ways maybe human ears should never have heard. I’m sure her pain was overlooked by those who looked down on her for not being able to conceive a child during times when producing children identified a woman. God and God alone was her only option. I am sure she must have felt He was her last option. (He should have been her first option).

There she was, bearing her soul to the One who made her and understood her. She let out her hurt, her anger, her anxiety, depression, and sadness. Her words of promise went before Him. She requested if God would allow her to conceive she would dedicate her child to Him in service. God saw her, heard her, and met her in that place. He also granted her petition of faith and she conceived a child.

There is something about bearing our soul to God. It is a powerful move. His power and strength are shown great through our weakness and vulnerability. Don’t ever be afraid to be vulnerable before God. He knows you. He made you. If we want strength, and also to be heard, sometimes it takes a silent petition of the heart to God. Healing comes from bearing our soul. Sometimes we need to emotionally bleed out in order to remove old scars and allow healing to begin. This is what Hannah did. She bled out her heartache. Jesus did the same in the Garden of Gethsemane before He bore the cross. Both Hannah and Jesus had to accept the will of God after their petitions. One birthed a child, the other died on a cross and birthed us all. They bore their souls and God responded according to His perfect will.

If you are at a place of truly needing healing, and to be heard, and you have emptied your entire self to other people without understanding, maybe it is time to bear your soul to God? What does it solve to keep it inside of you? If you have prayed with others, talked your head blue, and wondered why things are not working with no results, then maybe it is time to drop to your knees and pray like Hannah. When you do, remind God of His promises and then accept His will. Be real. Be authentic. God knows it all anyway, so let it all rip. Believe me, it helps more than you might know.

Prayerfully on the journey,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry


Don’t Compromise the Dream!

Rev Jenine MarieI want to encourage you today, as someone who is once again climbing back up to where my dream is. I want to inspire you  as someone who has lost the fabric threads of her dream over and over again and yet is still willing to keep on threading.

I know it hurts to lose a dream that you might have spent hours on end building upon, or maybe even decades. I have BEEN there. It is HARD to watch all of our good work being torn down one brick at a time and then feel like we are left just sitting on the rubble.

In 2005 my life got kicked in the ribs when I found myself losing a long term marriage. It was a slow and agonizing process I endured. I went through a process of losing literally everything I worked hard to obtain and build, right at the moment I was beginning to really see the fruit of my labor. Just that one incident called divorce, all of my dreams came down crashing on my head. I remember staring out the window of my office overlooking the city, crying, and asking God why on earth this had to happen. Couldn’t I just be happy for once? This was by far not my first devastation.

It took me a LONG time to even truly want to rebuild again. I said I wanted it, but my heart and soul just were not in it. I cried for it, I yearned for it, and I missed all that surrounded it every single day of my life. My losses just kept on coming. Things left my life one after another until I was left with nothing but rubble. Yet, there is something amazing about hitting the bottom of the barrel. There is NO WHERE ELSE TO FALL! Anything from that point on was gain. In the process, I had to let go of so many things. I had to forgive the hurts caused by others, the misunderstanding of my situation, and the confusion of my position in life. For awhile I had to remind myself of who I really am because I had truly forgotten.

I want to tell you, it takes HARD work to come back up from the bottom. It takes getting past the hurt, the depression, the sadness, the physical illness it has caused, the emotional upheaval, and discouragement. It also takes listening very deeply to the voice of God alone because He knows the pain and He also knows the way out and back up!

I want to encourage you today if you have given up on your dream because it seems way too hurtful and hard to recapture it. You are not alone in what you are feeling and enduring! I want you to shift your understanding right now, if you will. Close your eyes and see yourself once again in the dream you have always had for your life. Experience once again what that feels like, looks like, and where it takes you. There is nothing trivial about what you want out of life. It is all very important! YOUR dream is held in the arms of God and He is waiting to help you climb right back up to where you want to be. He will also inspire you toward more!

In the Bible when people who were called by God felt like they could not do things alone, they called upon Him to send them a support person. This person became a buddy to the dream and was there to watch and help it unfold.

Today, I ask that God send to you a buddy to work along side you and help you recapture the dream you always wanted to achieve. It might seem trivial to you at the moment , but if you are longing for it, then it is NOT trivial! Let God shift your mindset to all things that support you. Step away from those things and people who do not believe in you or your dream. It is not cruel or selfish to accomplish a great desire. After all, the more you succeed the more you can lift others to do the same, right?

Dear God, I will see my dream as IMPORTANT because it is important to You. I will NOT give up, but will stand firm in the things I deeply desire. I will ask for, and accept a support person to bless me with encouragement and to cheer me on along the way. I WILL recover from the losses of yesterday and I WILL obtain my greatest desire. I know YOU desire to give me what my heart longs for. It is sealed now in heaven in Jesus’ name, amen!

Supporting your dream,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching



Freedom from Guilt and Shame

canstockphoto11547372-300x199It’s a miracle that we get through this life as an intact person when we are attacked almost daily with the haunting of the things which have occurred in our lives. It’s not just about the things which have happened TO us, or things we have done to others, but even more about the way we handle the aftermath. Honestly, we often treat ourselves much worse than others have ever treated us. It’s sad when we do this because it is completely unnecessary. We live in a society that fosters more insecurity and self hatred than one person could even consume in a lifetime. Our hope is that we do have relief from the effects of what happens around us in Jesus.

Regardless to how things transpired; whether someone did something to you or you did something to someone else, you don’t have to live with two of the more devastating life draining conditions we humans tend to take upon ourselves. The two that I am speaking about are guilt and shame. First let me clarify what these two things are:


Guilt is where we take upon ourselves condemnation for something we have done or perceived we have done. Guilt attacks our “right standing“, or righteousness.


Shame is when we take upon ourselves condemnation regarding how we see ourselves as a person. Shame attacks our identity. It steals from us the truth about “who we are and whose we are”.

One of the key words here is “condemnation”. When we are in Christ Jesus there is no more condemnation in our lives. He has sacrificed already for our forgiveness.

Romans 8:1, “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus…”

The Real Accuser:

So who was it that really told you that you are guilty and should suffer shame? Don’t think this dilemma was your original creation. We have an enemy who is the enemy of God. This enemy is Satan. The thing you need to know and remember about this enemy is that he is the liar of all liars and has no power. Jesus is the one with all of the power. Satan just wants you to think he has it. If we look at the situation from the end we can see where Satan really stands. This is Satan’s position. He is conquered and powerless!

Revelation: 12: (9-11) “And the great dragon was hurled down—the ancient serpent called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him. And I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying: “Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and  of His Christ. For the accuser of our brothers and sisters has been thrown down, he who accuses them day and night before our God. They have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony…”.

As you can see, Satan is a defeated foe. Jesus tells you that you are saved, free, and forgiven. These are the edifications that come from your Savior. These are the things that come from the Holy Spirit; the spirit of truth. So who are you going to believe? If you want forgiveness and to walk in right standing then ask Jesus for it! If you want to be reminded of whose you are then ask Jesus to reaffirm your position with Him! There is no reason to walk in any guilt or shame in this world. They are lies that come from the evil one and they are NOT your position or identity! Let Jesus wash you with his love and forgiveness. Let Him be your “truth” because He IS the truth.

1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness”.

As you can see, all that is asked for is a confession. Jesus is faithful and will forgive us when we are in need of it.

A Prayer for You! 

Dear Jesus, Please reveal to me any wrong doing on my part and forgive me for my actions. I confess those things to You now. Forgive me for not walking in the truth and for being harder on myself than I should. I release to You now, any thoughts of guilt regarding actions I have done or have perceived to have done. I also release to you any beliefs that place shame upon me. This is not my identity! I ask You to remove them completely from me now. Help me to see myself in “right standing” and also to see myself as a recipient of your grace, mercy, and forgiveness. I am Your child; a child of the King. I accept no other description within my conscience. Thank You for loving me and for allowing me to walk in freedom! Amen and amen!


Hebrews 10:22, “Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water.”

Walking free with you,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching





Just When You Think You Have Seen It All!

Rev Jenine MarieI’m willing to bet that if you took some time to look back through your life you would come up with some very interesting memories. If you are like me, and I am thinking you might be, then I am pretty sure you will have some great things to report. I am also very certain you have some devastating ones as well. Sometimes I think I should have written the book on “devastating” because of all the hard things I have been through.

After  we come to a certain age there is so much more to look back on too! I shake my head sometimes when I think about the things God has brought me through; and I mean devastating things. I won’t bore you with the gory details. They would only serve to distract from this message. The thought provoking idea I am conveying here is that life never ceases to surprise me whether things are good or horrible.

In addition to our memories, thoughts, ideas, and ponderings, there are things that are just way too wonderful for words. They surpass the ability to even explain. God gives these things to us as a gift through His Spirit. They are mysteries, Spirit spoken truths, and totally wonderful to boot!

“But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come”. John 16:13

Is this amazing or what? Through God’s spirit we can know mysterious things. We can know and hear the truth about life, about love, about situations, about heaven, and about the future! Now THAT is exciting!

Through God’s Spirit we can also gain His wisdom for whatever choices we have in life. We can understand how to survive those moments when we “think we have seen it all!”

“The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. For who knows a person’s thoughts except their own spirit within them? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God. What we have received is not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, so that we may understand what God has freely given us”. 1 Corinthians 2:(10-12)

Don’t you just love that the Spirit of God searches very deep things? When we have His Spirit we can know deep things too! We can have wisdom that comes from the “ancient of days” and have it any time we ask! Who would not want to hear from God?  He has the answers to literally everything! This is why I am confounded when I see others who seek out information from spiritual sources that are not the highest one! Why seek the created when we can seek to hear the creator Himself? Who else will lead us into all mysteries? Who else can speak to us about “deep things”?

And just when we think we have seen or heard it all…there is more! God has prepared so very much for those of us who love Him, who seek Him, who search to know Him!

“What no eye has seen,

what no ear has heard,

and what no human mind has conceived ”

the things God has prepared for those who love him”. 1 Corinthians 2:9

Do you want to know “the secret”? We hear a lot about “the secret” these days. There are a lot of those that we can know, but this is the real kicker; all we need to do is ASK! It’s all a free gift through Christ Jesus! He has died to let you know how much He loves you, and to give you the gift of His Holy Spirit to dwell within you. In all honesty, He has been dying to let YOU in on the mysterious truths of life!

You read what He said above. His mysteries and truths are mind blowing!  Your mind has not even conceived what He has prepared for you! His Kingdom is at hand and the understanding of His Kingdom is with you now. You want to borrow those Kingdom keys? Ask Jesus. He has them waiting just for you! He died for you, to give you salvation and to help you find yourself in His Kingdom!

Waiting to see more,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching

True Success Depends on Your Identity!

Rev Jenine MarieDo you ever feel like you climb up three rungs on a ladder in life only to be slapped down at least four of them? Life can be a continual challenge of endurance and trying to get up new strength. As I was pondering what my next message might be, I thought of so many victories God has given to me that I could testify about. Those are not the things He wants to discuss right now. I felt like His heart so wanted to draw people to understand how they can be victorious, not just read or hear about my testimony. I know any testimony of God’s goodness would edify your faith, but I am also sure that God has a message for you so that you can understand how those victories can be yours as well. There is definite power in the “knowing”.

I love God’s goodness, and His loving care for me when I am down and out. He has a way of speaking that no one can describe. You have to experience it for yourself. I remember a time when I felt so beaten down and tired of always trying to get up the strength to climb that ladder just “one more time”.  A person can become so exhausted just in the trying let alone the climbing. This one particular time I was sitting up in a ball with my arms wrapped around my knees, very frustrated. I don’t know about you, but when I get frustrated and talk to God I pretty much tell Him like it is. So I sat there alone, crying , and told Him, “Life sometimes just really sucks”! I mean, He knows my heart anyway, so why clean it up for Him? Besides, when life is really putting us through a ringer, we really don’t feel like standing on ceremony or being politically correct with God, now do we? (I found myself wishing I had brought a tissue with me. One of my other things with God is I let myself cry because He also knows the pain I feel. The Bible states that He actually counts my tears. They are very important in the human healing process). So there I was crying, and suddenly God spoke to my heart a very profound thing! He said to me very clearly, “You forget that life is not about who you are but about “whose” you are”.

I realized right then the error of my struggle. You see, when life is about who you are, you are always struggling to get from a lower level to a higher one. (That ladder now comes back into view here). Life will always be about, “I am trying so hard to get somewhere in life and something, or someone, always slaps me down”. This, my dear, is the highway to feeling like a failure and that is not what we are in God’s eyes or in reality. When life is about who you are it becomes a competition and someone will always seem like they are making out better, especially when life has become hard. God sees our journey as a race, but not one where we are racing alone or in competition with others. In contrast, when life becomes about “whose” you are, the power of success and stability is placed right at the throne where Jesus sits. When we see life through the eyes as someone who belongs to the Savior of the world then there is no way we can ever fail even when life is not going well in our own view. There is no climb this way because we already sit in high places with a King! Actually it is only a matter of humility. It’s about taking the focus off ourselves as the powerful one and putting it on the One who truly is the all powerful one. Humility is a very amazing thing. It never strips us of our dignity or our accomplishments but it places them in a realm where they are much more miraculous than if we were to do things only on our own.

Knowing whose you are through the journey will always keep you looking at the miraculous while seeing yourself sitting in high places. You will also seek the lessons in life when things don’t seem to go as you planned. Sometimes life happens a certain way to reveal something we need to see that will more benefit us in the long run.

An affirming statement for you!

“I see myself sitting in the high place with the Savior of the world. There is nothing I can do that will ever be considered a failure. I need not climb in my own strength because I have miraculous help from that throne. When it appears I have failed, I will not accept this as truth. I will look for the lesson and the blessing that comes in other directions. Life is about my journey and God sees it as a success. I am an overcomer because I belong to a King. I have wisdom that comes from above and I accept that wisdom in all decisions I make along the way. I thank Jesus for being there for me and taking away the burden of always striving and I accept His peace and rest for my journey ahead”.

Identifying in Him,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching



Motion Births Momentum! Give This a Try!

create-momentum-550x265A stationary object remains at rest until you apply a force to it. Newton’s Laws of Motion

Let’s talk about getting life in gear. Can we do this? Have you ever felt stuck and wondered how on earth you will ever make some new changes? I hate to have to break this one to you but, you can not stay the same and make changes. It just is not possible. Don’t you wish it were possible though? In the world of Isaac Newton, the discoverer of the laws of motion, nothing can come out of its rest until some form of force is applied to it. This law is a fixed and standard one of science. If you want change, you won’t get it sitting still. You have to get off your bottom line and apply some force to life. I know it’s not always that easy, but the reality is if we don’t do the forcing we also have a God who loves us enough to create some, “ah hem”, force to our lives. To help us out on this God gives us a visual!

“Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise” (Proverbs 6:6).

There is none so productive than the busy little ant. From what I understand, ants not only are busy but they often have  to carry things and move things while in motion. Well, well, doesn’t this make it harder to use an excuse when God gives us a tiny little ant as an example? I know we carry heavy loads in our lives. God knows this too! But He would not have given us this visual if He did not think we were capable. He never gives us more than we can bear. So if we have it going on, He must believe that we can not only carry it, move it, but also accelerate with it. All it takes is a little force, a little push, a little step. According to the laws of motion this puts things into action and will always gain momentum. Momentum actually means “force in motion”. It will not fail. All it takes is the decision to make it happen! Sounds easy when I say it doesn’t it? Believe me, I know that sometimes there seems to be a force that is always against us and in all honesty, there is. There will always be resistance. Without it, we don’t learn to push harder and we don’t grow stronger. Trust me, as hard as it might seem, it’s a pretty good deal. After all, we can always consider the alternative.

“The soul of the lazy man desires and has nothing; but the soul of the diligent shall be made rich” (Proverbs 13:4 KJV).

We always have been given a choice. We can choose to remain lazy. Or, we can choose to be diligent and be rich in our soul and life. Notice there is one word that stands out in the proverb above and that word is “desire”. A lazy person does not even have a desire. This makes me think that if a person wants and desires something bad enough then that is enough to make a move on it. Desire can be very powerful in getting us to put some force into motion. It does not even have to be a lot of force to get something moving from nothing, but once you do; look out!

Any motion creates that much desired momentum. You have a standard scientific law to make sure that happens. Our God has created things to be this way and He created these standards to be faithful ones. They will not fail and neither will you, as long as you remember “desire” and “motion”. Will you make some mistakes? Absolutely you will. But you will never fail in the concept. Many people fail in the beginning, become discouraged, depressed, and confused. This is all normal. Keep on pushing. Keep on moving. This is the answer. Keep on trusting in the powerful God who made it possible for you to achieve your dreams! Let me pray this blessing with you!

State this one for yourself:

Father God, Right now at this moment desire is being birthed and force created. The very moment this desire happens is the moment I will receive a will to push things into action. I know and trust that momentum will be created because Your universe has been created as one which is faithful and standard. I will not fail.

My prayer for you:

Dear Lord, Everyone who understands this concept and places it into motion shall accomplish much. I pray that laziness will leave and momentum will be created through desire and motion. Blessing upon those who understand Your ways and put them into action, in Jesus name and heart, amen!

Sincerely Yours,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching


So, How Do You Turn Your Life Around?

God-creating-the-galaxy-via-ShutterstockFrom the very beginning of time, God created! Our fabulous, amazing, and miraculous universe was created with God’s imagination and His spoken words. Honestly, I don’t think that the mere words on paper to describe this spectacular event is even enough to get a grasp of it’s power. Our God is not only loving but powerful!.

Through the acts of Christ, we have received God’s mighty loving and powerful Spirit who dwells in us and can work through us all. The only thing that limits us is our lack of belief that it is true. Belief is a powerful thing, amen? So, I suppose then we can also conclude that our conscious belief is powerful enough to create as a partner with God from the inside out. If He lives in us, then we can believe in his ability to transform not only our insides but also our outer life. Isn’t that what He wants for us? He has told us that His greatest desire above all else is for us to prosper, to have a future, and to have hope. Jesus Himself told His disciples, and us, that we will do greater things than even He had shown us.

Conscious creation is not exactly a new thing because spiritualists have been doing it for the longest time. The only problem I have seen with it is the tendency to leave Jesus out of it. This is unfortunate because He is our Savior and “the way”. Jesus is God, and the Biblical account of His human existence is so valuable in learning how to live our own lives  for the betterment of humanity.

We have seen that the spoken word is powerful! God tells us to dwell on His word because to do so will create the wonderful life He wants to give to us! His word is life!

Therefore, in knowing that what we dwell on and what we speak, creates life, then why not use this knowledge to create the best life ever? After all, the greatest Creator ever lives within us, is working in is, is creating in us, and can speak through us as well! Why not speak the very best, dwell on the very best, and live the very best life we can? Who would want it any other way?  Think of this; our house where we live is called “our dwelling”. Our created life comes from the God who lives inside of us and outside of us. When we dwell in that living water of love, power, beauty, and joy, then that is the life we live in. Is life hard at times? Oh my gosh, yes! But can we turn it around and make it better no matter what the outside life throws at us? You bet!

Let’s try it today:

Father, I know You live in me, and that You create good things inside of me and outside of me. Your nature is goodness and love, so therefore my nature is goodness and love as well. All that is needed is that I believe in You, Your nature, Your love and in the Salvation Jesus came to show me. I will dwell in goodness and therefore goodness and mercy will be mine now and the rest of my life, In Jesus’ powerful name, heart, and Spirit, amen!

Does that feel real great to you? If so, then maybe this can be the practice that pulls you through those hard times. Meditate on God’s word. His power will be with you to create and to succeed in the good things He wants for you!

Creatively Yours,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching

** Much gratitude for conversations with those whom I have attracted into my life for the betterment of my life!

***Photo credit unknown


Bleed It Out My Dear

th0UQQ2EAJI don’t want to seem graphic here, but this is the truth; women know how to bleed. Our bodies have been created that way for obvious reasons; to have children. For us, bleeding and producing seem to go hand in hand. We are miracle makers and sometimes even world shakers! Lovable creatures that we are, we can also be profoundly ugly, especially when something or someone we love is threatened in some way. We are protective, territorial, and we love to be detectives and explore others lives and passions.

But, we do bleed, and it has its productive purpose. When we don’t we suffer. Literally. I bet at this point you are trying to figure out where I am going with this, right? Basically, I am joining the analogy with our emotional need to bleed out our “stuff”. Every now and then it is so important to dump all of the residue from the inside out in order to get clear on what is important in life. This is not only a suggestion for you my dear. It is necessary!

Let me explain.

When you allow your wounds to fester, and then let them be covered over with hardened scars, you allow bitter elements to come through into your life. You become the manifestation of the very thing that hurt you. If you don’t believe me, do some inventory. I guarantee you will find that this is the truth.

The solution?

Something I have often said, is we really need someone to listen to our hurts. This has to be someone we trust. On an even higher level, we need God to listen to our hurts. He is right there with you all of the time. No need to “conjure” Him up. Just acknowledge He is there and His presence will be easy to notice.

The amazing results are this.

The miraculous benefits of bleeding out your personal wounds is that they are opened up to allow those wounds the air they need to heal. Jesus has a spiritual bloodline that is so powerful and when we allow His bloodline to filter ours, bleeding out those wounds is so much easier than we could ever have imagined. In order to be productive we can not have those bitter issues coming through every thing our hands touch in this world. Our lives deserve more than that.

It’s very simple.

Just do the work, and ask God to help you though it. It might be a process, but it will be one with great rewards and will produce wonderful new fruit in your life!

With Love,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching



Throw Out the Trash! (This Has a Surprise)!

cover1009-photohedI never knew how much junk a person could accumulate until I was faced with the task of moving it. I mean, how can one person collect so much stuff in such a little time? One time I sat down and counted how many times I had moved in my whole life, and I think the resounding number came to 27. Can you believe that? Who moves 27 times in their lifetime? Sometimes I think God wanted me to move just so I would sort through my things. I always seem to think I will need it one day or I might use something again. This might be true, but in all honesty, if a person does not touch something for at least a year it is not worth saving. Not to mention someone else might need what we don’t. Not everything is valuable stuff though. Sometimes its just added unneeded weight that will ultimately make a move a nightmare. Why do we save things so easily anyway? I mean, we really can’t take it with us, can we?

Have you ever thought about how you might be doing the same thing with life experiences and difficulties? Do you tend to hang on to a bunch of trash from the past and even the present? Don’t you wish a big old dump truck could pull up one day and just collect all of your inner trash for good? If only you could  pull it all out, gather it in a ball, dump it into a dumpster, and wave good bye as the truck drives away. That way there is no heavy load to weigh you down when you encounter the rest of life. But, it is not all that easy, is it? Just like the accumulated junk we tend to save in our homes, we also tend to save junk in our internal caves and canyons. Its only a matter of time when the mounds of stagnated emotion and experience will tend to pour out into present life. Eventually life becomes bogged down with the muck and mire from the past and God begins to call for a troop movement! Are you at that point when past garbage begins to seep through your pores so much that you can’t seem to get anywhere in life? Don’t kid yourself, it will happen if you don’t begin to sort and dump. Sometimes we tend to even get used to our past trash and we just let it sit comfy on the same couch as our present experiences. Anyone smell burning rubber? Darn it, I do! That would be your friends running in the opposite direction! Before you get your feelings in a huff here, think about it. If life is not working out so well right now, no matter what you do, maybe it is time for a little moral inventory. Believe me, it will help to clean out your life if you work on it. Here is the clincher though; you have got to want it bad enough to make the move and continue to sort and dump. How bad do you want your life to become lighter and a bit easier? Maybe you would like a fresh start. We all need that sometimes.

Let me give you some things to jump start your process.

Start with what should be the obvious. Who have you truly not forgiven? Be honest here! No one is watching accept God and He knows anyway. Now ask yourself; do you really want to drag this person into every single argument, every single missed opportunity, every single relationship, or even lack of one? Yep, UN-forgiveness can cause you to lack relationships too! Think about this; how much power do you want to give this person who is so hard to forgive? If you take inventory and realize you still drag them around then evidently you want to give them too much power. Did I hear you balk at this? Come on darlin’ you know you are holding on if you still feel a sense of anger or disruption in your mind space, not to mention your life. Dump it gal! Dump it now! How about this, write the person’s name on a piece of paper, and tell that person they are forgiven for whatever transpired between you.  Then crumple it all up and give it the royal flush! You can forgive their actions and still love the person. Although, bottom line, if they are not good for you give the spiritual wave good bye. If they were meant to be in your life, God would have them there front and center. Finalize this and repeat after me, “Dear God, I forgive _____and today I let them go into Your hands”.

How about your past mistakes? Have you forgiven yourself and let go of the things you wish you could have done better? Did you know that hanging on to your past mistakes can hinder you from achieving some of your fondest goals? Let’s get rid of that little road block right now! God wants you to be successful! Lets chip at the wall here, “Dear God  forgive me for ___________ and help me to forgive myself. I release that experience into Your hands right now”.

This is a great beginning!

If you truly want to experience the kind of freedom God ordained for you to have, then dump the trash as often as you can remember. Your life will change! Guaranteed!

From one dump along to another,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

** Photo credit: North Coast Journal





Can Women Be Powerfully Confident?

“I am praying for the confident woman to arise in you to be an over comer regardless of circumstances”. Rev Jenine Marie

I’ve heard it said that there is nothing more attractive in a woman like confidence! I suppose this is very true. Self assured women can be very magnetic! I also believe that confident women are very powerful and have a power to draw others to themselves and draw good things to themselves as well. I feel, as women, we all seek a confidence that will some how magically wipe away our fears and insecurities. In fact, I believe many of us pray for this.

In reality our confidence does not mean that fear is absent. Most of the time fear is present to warn us from things that bring us harm. The trouble comes when we let our fears run rampant enough to rule inside us. I have come to believe that confidence is not the absence of fear but comes out of a transformed way of how we think about it.

It might seem a lot easier to ask God to remove our fear. Honestly it is highly unlikely that He will magically do this, because it is more beneficial to allow us to overcome it and develop a new relationship with it.  So, how do we do this? Sometimes it is a matter of learning to not react to our fearful thoughts and learning how to act in a way that allows fear to propel us forward.

Believe it or not, it is highly possible to do this and find a way toward a more secure confidence. Nothing ever comes completely easy or we would never grow in life, so this might just require some work , some faith, and some dedication. Would you like the kind of powerful confidence that comes from learning how to overcome fear and insecurity? If you just nodded your head, “Yes”, then stick here with me. We have some good discussion to get into!

Before you think that this will mean one formula is revealed and that takes care of everything, consider all of the scenarios you might have to apply it to. The possibilities can be endless! My hope and prayer is that some of women’s main insecure issues can be brought to light in this blog and how to build a new relationship with those fears in order to be an over comer of them. Instead of reacting and over reacting, let’s learn to act in a way that resembles the Spirit of God in us as women! Let’s learn how to be powerfully confident in a way that not only lifts us up but other women with us!

Does this sound wonderful to you? I hope so! I have a mission in life now to lift up women to a new place of confidence that will bring powerful transformation in life. Before I go further, realize that this takes togetherness. It takes faith in God, faith in ourselves, and faith in one another. Can we live in a world where women stop mistrusting one another and begin to work together with each other on transformation? I really believe so! If you want to find powerful confidence for yourself and help bring it to others then stay around for awhile and invite others as well! A new transformation is waiting!

Sincerely and prayerfully yours,

Jenine Marie