Morning Affirmation

Affirmation: “In the quiet and stillness of a winter morning, I find peace in my mind and in my heart. My spirit is glowing with new and growing possibilities. I am in my element in light and in darkness; in winter and in spring. Fresh ideas flow into my mind as I dream of daysContinue reading “Morning Affirmation”

Your Impression Through Expression

Our expressions and communications tell others a lot about us. During a spiritual guidance or coaching session, I pay close attention to an individual’s expressions of their face, body movements, eye movements, and stature. If I am on the phone with someone, I listen carefully for the tone of their voice when it changes andContinue reading “Your Impression Through Expression”

Feelings Can’t Be Neglected

I’m not sure why emotional expression got such a bad reputation. Maybe it’s because they make so many people uncomfortable when they are expressed. This is not a great condition to be in. Being able to express feelings and emotions openly is the only way to heal a heart that has been broken, to letContinue reading “Feelings Can’t Be Neglected”

Healing Can Be as Simple as Expressing Yourself

When I receive calls from a client, it is often needed to simply voice their issues. Sometimes it is about heartbreak or something from the past that hurt them a great deal. Many want to know if someone they around care about them. My first response to that is, “Have you asked them?” Usually, theyContinue reading “Healing Can Be as Simple as Expressing Yourself”