Are You Living Outside of Yourself?

IMG_20171023_130408Do you find yourself continually affected by other people’s actions, attitudes, or things that happen to you? If you are, then you are not alone. We all tend to do this and for some reason make our lives harder than it has to be. Have you ever noticed if you walk into a room filled with people in a bad mood your mood tends to change to align with theirs? Or maybe your relationship partner will get to you by their actions or personality now and then. We all do affect one another’s lives but we are not meant to live outside of ourselves to the point where everyone and every other thing affects how we are or feel inside.

For some reason, people tend to be like sheep. We follow others instead of being our own leader. Jesus referred to people as sheep a few times in His conversations. I certainly can see why. The hard thing about living in a way where we are always affected by others, is that we never really end up finding ourselves in the mess around us. Leadership starts within because God lives within each of us. We are supposed to now be the temple of the Holy Spirit, and with that truth, be personally and individually guided by Him. We can’t live for others. We can serve them but not live for them. The idea is to learn to live our own lives from within ourselves.

God created you to be a unique human being, unlike any other. You are meant to be lead by His Spirit and to hear God for yourself. Your life is too precious to be a reflection of someone else’s. A life lived well is one lived true to one’s self and not mirroring others lives.

If you have looked into the mirror lately and have not recognized yourself. Maybe some good emotional release coaching would be of great benefit to you! You only have ONE life to live here on earth. Why not live it as the best you that you could possibly be?

In love and release,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry
















Necessary Heart Surgery

th0UQQ2EAJHave you ever found yourself in a very awkward or difficult situation because of something you said or had done? I think this can happen to all of us. Every single one of us has an issue of the heart that comes from the unregenerate part of us. The heart issue might have come from when we were growing up. It has been said that by the time we are about 6 years old much of our personality has been formed according to our experience and environment. Harshness or dysfunction can cause some tough heart issues that eventually will cause us to find ourselves in not so happy situations in life.

I’ve heard some people as described as having “no filter”, meaning that the issues of their heart just squirts on out their mouths at any given time. Most of the time it is inconvenient, insulting, and irrational. God actually wants us to guard our hearts, to take care of those issues indwelling it, and to renew ourselves.


Psalm 51:10 

“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”

When the psalmist wrote this prayer to God, we have got to know he was struggling with some things. No one prays for a pure heart without having had experienced some hardness and what that creates in our lives. The scripture couples a pure heart with a steadfast spirit. To be steadfast is to be dedicated and unwavering in that dedication. Meaning, when our heart is pure then we are more dedicated to God, and that dedication begins to drive our lives.

Proverbs 4:23 

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

We are instructed in God’s word to watch over what is going on in our heart area because everything else in life is guided by what is in there. We can be guided into great things or we can destroy everything around us according to our heart condition. We all need heart surgery, meaning that we need to evaluate what is in there and work toward correcting the areas that lead us astray and cause us to not be diligent in our faith and lives.

Luke 6:45 

“A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.”

There is no doubt that we can create our lives by what we speak into them. Our mouths and speech have the ability to bless or curse. A person can actually curse their life by the way they talk. Its the truth! If you have a hard time remaining positive, or if you tend to insult people around you with no mind to the chaos you just created, then you have a heart issue. God instructs us to be slow to speak for a reason. Our speech sets forth our lives and the kind of speech we have comes from what is in our hearts.

Is it time for you to get some heart surgery? Take some time to examine your life. Are there things that keep going wrong without stopping? Do you often feel overwhelmed by chaos and issues that keep arising? Try asking God to search your heart and allow Him to reveal any evil ways, or dysfunctional thinking within you. The thoughts that are being created, even unconscious things can be driving your life into the kind you don’t want to have.

I ask the Lord to give you divine revelation concerning your heart. You can try doing all the right things but if you have a heart issue you need surgery for life to be better for you. Give it a try. Its the truth.

Lovingly yours,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

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So, How Do You Turn Your Life Around?

God-creating-the-galaxy-via-ShutterstockFrom the very beginning of time, God created! Our fabulous, amazing, and miraculous universe was created with God’s imagination and His spoken words. Honestly, I don’t think that the mere words on paper to describe this spectacular event is even enough to get a grasp of it’s power. Our God is not only loving but powerful!.

Through the acts of Christ, we have received God’s mighty loving and powerful Spirit who dwells in us and can work through us all. The only thing that limits us is our lack of belief that it is true. Belief is a powerful thing, amen? So, I suppose then we can also conclude that our conscious belief is powerful enough to create as a partner with God from the inside out. If He lives in us, then we can believe in his ability to transform not only our insides but also our outer life. Isn’t that what He wants for us? He has told us that His greatest desire above all else is for us to prosper, to have a future, and to have hope. Jesus Himself told His disciples, and us, that we will do greater things than even He had shown us.

Conscious creation is not exactly a new thing because spiritualists have been doing it for the longest time. The only problem I have seen with it is the tendency to leave Jesus out of it. This is unfortunate because He is our Savior and “the way”. Jesus is God, and the Biblical account of His human existence is so valuable in learning how to live our own lives  for the betterment of humanity.

We have seen that the spoken word is powerful! God tells us to dwell on His word because to do so will create the wonderful life He wants to give to us! His word is life!

Therefore, in knowing that what we dwell on and what we speak, creates life, then why not use this knowledge to create the best life ever? After all, the greatest Creator ever lives within us, is working in is, is creating in us, and can speak through us as well! Why not speak the very best, dwell on the very best, and live the very best life we can? Who would want it any other way?  Think of this; our house where we live is called “our dwelling”. Our created life comes from the God who lives inside of us and outside of us. When we dwell in that living water of love, power, beauty, and joy, then that is the life we live in. Is life hard at times? Oh my gosh, yes! But can we turn it around and make it better no matter what the outside life throws at us? You bet!

Let’s try it today:

Father, I know You live in me, and that You create good things inside of me and outside of me. Your nature is goodness and love, so therefore my nature is goodness and love as well. All that is needed is that I believe in You, Your nature, Your love and in the Salvation Jesus came to show me. I will dwell in goodness and therefore goodness and mercy will be mine now and the rest of my life, In Jesus’ powerful name, heart, and Spirit, amen!

Does that feel real great to you? If so, then maybe this can be the practice that pulls you through those hard times. Meditate on God’s word. His power will be with you to create and to succeed in the good things He wants for you!

Creatively Yours,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching

** Much gratitude for conversations with those whom I have attracted into my life for the betterment of my life!

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