Do You Know How the Universal Law of Reaping and Sowing Works?

sky-space-dark-galaxy.jpgI was watching an episode of one of my favorite programs when one of the characters went into a speech about how people love to see others get sick, have financial issues, or even worse, announce they have a terminal illness. I thought to myself, “Why is it that some people love to see others not do well?” Does it come from a deep seeded need to be “better” than others? Or maybe just to feel like we are better than others? I’m sure this does not apply to everyone but it should make us want to think or consider what we put out there in the spiritual realm. Let me tell you why.

You see, we are like radio broadcasters in this universe. Our thoughts, comments, and actions are very seen and the energy they contain is also kind of recorded, if that makes sense. Basically, God hears, sees, and knows all. How could He not, He lives in us? At any rate, God did create a Universe that is standard and does not change. There is a Universal Law called the Law of Reaping and Sowing. It’s pretty self explanatory, we get back what we put out there. The major element about this is that it never ever fails. Like I said, the Universal Laws created by God are standard.

Can you grasp that your thoughts have matter to them? They create. This is why we are supposed to be renewing our minds; at least one of the reasons. What we think concerning others will come back to us just the same. What we say concerning others will also come back to us. It only makes sense that what we also do to others will come back upon us. Do we really want to wish ill will upon anyone in light of this information? I would hope not, especially since we are supposed to be loving one another. If we apply this to the Universal Law of Reaping and Sowing when we love, then love is returned. It might not come from the same person but it will come to us from wherever fate allows it to and it will not fail. It can’t.

So, let’s take a deep breath here and examine the meditations of our hearts. It was King David in the Bible who asked God to examine his heart meditations and wanted Him to find them to be pleasing. I’m sure he knew that his heart meditations will also create actions that create what his life would be like.

There is a huge reason why I really want to teach you this law more than any other. Not long ago someone wished me harm in writing. UGH. I felt like holding my breath. Not only did it hurt my feelings but there is a God part of me that truly knows the Universal Law will give that person a slap in the behind one day that will not be pleasant. Remember, it WILL NOT FAIL. Only the grace of God upon us, our asking forgiveness, and canceling out our actions will ever change what will eventually happen if we don’t take those actions. God’s grace is a power and a gift, but it will not take away lessons learned that are standard and created by God Himself accept by His grace.

For Heaven’s sake, don’t let pride keep you from correcting a huge mistake! You have time. God gives us grace, although I have seen reaping happen very suddenly as well. If it is not good reaping then we really end up regretting what we have sown. Please don’t live with regrets. Examine your heart, your speech, and your actions. Do you want your life to change for the better? Would you like to have more God love inside of you instead of wishing others ill will?

Meditate on this:

“God, help me to catch myself when the meditations of my heart do not align with Your divine love. Remind me to be humble, to drop my pride, and to ask forgiveness when I do harm. Bless my enemies and allow my life to be blessed as well. Bless humanity with the knowledge of the Universal Law of Reaping and Sowing. Let me be a peace maker and love creator in this world.”

I wish for you the very best in life and also to learn how to bring that about for yourself. I know you can do this!

Loving you from here

Jenine Marie Howry

Cheaters Never Really Prosper

11988378_10153670839814255_4027848974804248960_nI remember my mother used to always tell me “cheaters never prosper” when I was younger. I think its one of those old sayings that came from some wise sage but at the moment I don’t really feel like looking it up. I’m sure Google will have the answer if anyone is curious. The saying is true though. Cheaters might look like they are doing well for a time but eventually they get what is coming to them.

It always makes me a little sad when people who don’t deserve it get taken advantage of. Over the years I have seen it happen. Employers take advantage of employees, business partners are crooked, spouses cheating on one another in relationships, someone stealing another’s wallet when they are not looking and taking everything they have left by charging on their credit and debit cards. It happens in this world and its sad that it does.

There is something that the rest of us can count on though. God is faithful and He also created a universe that likes balance. It’s interesting that out of all the things God has made, everything is perfectly faithful accept the people He created. Our fallen nature from the time of Adam and Eve’s fall has created that imbalance. Eventually that will be fixed though.

There will come a day where all things will be revealed.  Jesus’ who knows the hearts of all mankind will reveal our hearts and actions openly to everyone else and we will all “know”. In the mean time I fully also believe that God, at His discretion, has a form of vengeance that can take place right now, in this life, as it is. His goodness will reveal itself through blessings and honor of those who walk uprightly and the eventual breaking down of those who do not.

Take heart my friends. He is watching and the Bible says that His eyes watch over the whole world. I think that is amazing, not to mention He sees right into the hearts of those who have been created by Him. We live in a fallen state and until that changes we will deal with the antics of fallen people. Unfortunately some are more cruel than others.

I have a theory that there is a hole in the internal being of some that is so big and wide that they have to fill it by taking advantage of others. I wish I could come a long and mend each person who has experienced being cheated out of things they deserve in this life. Be sure that the Bible is true in that the meek shall inherit this earth. The haughty and proud will go out in a blaze. They shall be last while those of us who have endured their wrath will be first in God’s Kingdom. Sometimes, we are fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of God’s balancing act right here on earth and we get to see how He takes care of His own. Take heart, the bully on the earthly playground won’t get away with things all of the time. Eventually their folly will catch up with them and you can stand proud that you live with integrity and God’s ethics.

I pray you peace in your heart, if someone has taken advantage of you. I also pray God will reveal His goodness to you right now in this life. Also, I pray that the Lord will show you how protective He is of you while revealing to you His distaste for what others have done to you. Pray for your enemies and take heart. Let your heart remain pure from the evil doings of others and watch how God blesses you! I know He is faithful. You can bet your last dollar on it and even then, watch Him multiply His blessing for you!

In His love,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries 


Motion Births Momentum! Give This a Try!

create-momentum-550x265A stationary object remains at rest until you apply a force to it. Newton’s Laws of Motion

Let’s talk about getting life in gear. Can we do this? Have you ever felt stuck and wondered how on earth you will ever make some new changes? I hate to have to break this one to you but, you can not stay the same and make changes. It just is not possible. Don’t you wish it were possible though? In the world of Isaac Newton, the discoverer of the laws of motion, nothing can come out of its rest until some form of force is applied to it. This law is a fixed and standard one of science. If you want change, you won’t get it sitting still. You have to get off your bottom line and apply some force to life. I know it’s not always that easy, but the reality is if we don’t do the forcing we also have a God who loves us enough to create some, “ah hem”, force to our lives. To help us out on this God gives us a visual!

“Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise” (Proverbs 6:6).

There is none so productive than the busy little ant. From what I understand, ants not only are busy but they often have  to carry things and move things while in motion. Well, well, doesn’t this make it harder to use an excuse when God gives us a tiny little ant as an example? I know we carry heavy loads in our lives. God knows this too! But He would not have given us this visual if He did not think we were capable. He never gives us more than we can bear. So if we have it going on, He must believe that we can not only carry it, move it, but also accelerate with it. All it takes is a little force, a little push, a little step. According to the laws of motion this puts things into action and will always gain momentum. Momentum actually means “force in motion”. It will not fail. All it takes is the decision to make it happen! Sounds easy when I say it doesn’t it? Believe me, I know that sometimes there seems to be a force that is always against us and in all honesty, there is. There will always be resistance. Without it, we don’t learn to push harder and we don’t grow stronger. Trust me, as hard as it might seem, it’s a pretty good deal. After all, we can always consider the alternative.

“The soul of the lazy man desires and has nothing; but the soul of the diligent shall be made rich” (Proverbs 13:4 KJV).

We always have been given a choice. We can choose to remain lazy. Or, we can choose to be diligent and be rich in our soul and life. Notice there is one word that stands out in the proverb above and that word is “desire”. A lazy person does not even have a desire. This makes me think that if a person wants and desires something bad enough then that is enough to make a move on it. Desire can be very powerful in getting us to put some force into motion. It does not even have to be a lot of force to get something moving from nothing, but once you do; look out!

Any motion creates that much desired momentum. You have a standard scientific law to make sure that happens. Our God has created things to be this way and He created these standards to be faithful ones. They will not fail and neither will you, as long as you remember “desire” and “motion”. Will you make some mistakes? Absolutely you will. But you will never fail in the concept. Many people fail in the beginning, become discouraged, depressed, and confused. This is all normal. Keep on pushing. Keep on moving. This is the answer. Keep on trusting in the powerful God who made it possible for you to achieve your dreams! Let me pray this blessing with you!

State this one for yourself:

Father God, Right now at this moment desire is being birthed and force created. The very moment this desire happens is the moment I will receive a will to push things into action. I know and trust that momentum will be created because Your universe has been created as one which is faithful and standard. I will not fail.

My prayer for you:

Dear Lord, Everyone who understands this concept and places it into motion shall accomplish much. I pray that laziness will leave and momentum will be created through desire and motion. Blessing upon those who understand Your ways and put them into action, in Jesus name and heart, amen!

Sincerely Yours,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching