What Happened to Friendship?

I can’t think of too many things more precious than a childhood best friend. You know the kind. We stick together no matter what. She is the best friend forever kind of friend and the one we can always count on to be knocking on our door ready for the next days adventure. Nothing isContinue reading “What Happened to Friendship?”

When Differing Opinions Set Us Apart

Someone I knew a long time ago used to say “Opinions are like people’s behinds, everyone has one”. (I cleaned it up a bit for this post). It’s true. We all have an opinion and we could never ever possibly agree all of the time. The cool thing about our country is that we haveContinue reading “When Differing Opinions Set Us Apart”

Take Back What You THINK You Lack

Hello! I wanted to send this message via video for a change. I pray healing in your midst and that you find your self worth in Christ Jesus!   Sincerely, Pastor Jenine Marie Howry 800-421-1765 Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries  

Sometimes All I Need is Faith and COFFEE.

Anyone who truly knows me knows that I have fought through God knows how many obstacles to obtain my college education. Unlike some, I began my undergraduate work when I was 35 years old. I used to take my kids to school for their breakfast, sit with them through part of it, then take offContinue reading “Sometimes All I Need is Faith and COFFEE.”

I Could Easily Be Sick to My Stomach (Read Anyway, It Gets Better!)

I woke up today in the same way I usually wake up. I stumbled into the kitchen to get my coffee, fed the cats, and said good morning to my hubby. It’s a beautiful day today so I slid open a few windows to hear the birds and take in the wonderful spring like air!Continue reading “I Could Easily Be Sick to My Stomach (Read Anyway, It Gets Better!)”

Are You Depressed About the Coming Holidays?

We are approaching that time of year where the festive commercials come on with the picture of families all together before tables filled with food, laughter, and smiles. We are also entering the Christmas zone when we all will face the bombarding of advertisements tempting us to buy certain gifts for family members and theContinue reading “Are You Depressed About the Coming Holidays?”

You are NOT a Mistake!

I’m not sure if I can even count the amount of people who feel or believe that somehow they were “born wrong”. Either they were supposed to be a different gender (their parents wanted either a boy or girl) or their body parts just don’t live up to someone’s expectations. Writing it makes it soundContinue reading “You are NOT a Mistake!”

Freedom from Guilt and Shame

It’s a miracle that we get through this life as an intact person when we are attacked almost daily with the haunting of the things which have occurred in our lives. It’s not just about the things which have happened TO us, or things we have done to others, but even more about the wayContinue reading “Freedom from Guilt and Shame”