Characteristics of Love: Love is Patient

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, real love is not a feeling, although there is a component of love that brings about emotion. Sometimes the emotion gives a sense of “feeling good” or “feeling bad”. I think this is where our painful love songs tend to come from and the ones that addContinue reading “Characteristics of Love: Love is Patient”

True Love and Sexual Intimacy

Love should be simple, and it really is, but we make it very complicated. Love has its own attributes and when we know them we know love. God describes love as something based on character and not a feeling. Love is patient, kind, long suffering, etc. We think, or believe, its supposed to be aContinue reading “True Love and Sexual Intimacy”

Assuming Things About Someone is Not Truth but a Reflection of Yourself

Every human being has the key that unlocks the truth about themselves. Often its hard enough figuring out what those truths are let alone what someone else’s are. Unless we are mind readers, the personal thoughts, feelings, and ponderings of another individual are their own. They are not known unless or until they reveal them.Continue reading “Assuming Things About Someone is Not Truth but a Reflection of Yourself”

Trust, and the Truth Will Reveal Itself

As I see it, there are two kinds of truth. There is truth with a capital “T” meaning higher or divine truth. Then there is truth as in the opposite of a lie. The statement in my title is about truth with a small “t” or the opposite of a lie. Lying, deception, setting upContinue reading “Trust, and the Truth Will Reveal Itself”

The Need to Be Certain in an Uncertain World

To be certain is to know for sure that something is going to be there for us to help us survive. It can be a person, a situation, and even an addiction. Sometimes it is our spirituality or the need for love or comfort. Regardless to where it comes from or how we get it,Continue reading “The Need to Be Certain in an Uncertain World”

Be Who You Are With No Apology!

We live in such a diverse world with so many views, ideas, and ways of understanding things. It’s what has made us so unique, and yet, sometimes seemingly complicated. We have seen huge crops of views coming up in our world just in the political arena alone. Don’t worry, I’m not going there! I feelContinue reading “Be Who You Are With No Apology!”

In All Honesty: Is It Time to Grow Up?

There are several attributes a person could be proud to have as a quality. One of the greatest things, of course, is love. I know I have often written about integrity as well. A very important attribute to have is to be honest. One huge reason is that lying is detested by God. Since GodContinue reading “In All Honesty: Is It Time to Grow Up?”

Are You a Fraction of Yourself?

I would hate to be laying in that space between this life and mortal death with deep regrets over all of the things I wish I had explored in this life, but did not. Every now and then I think of this. Would I regret some of my choices or lack of choices? I wonderContinue reading “Are You a Fraction of Yourself?”

Handling Difficult People

No doubt we live in a world that is filled with so many diverse people and personalities. In all honesty, this is what makes life worth living and exploring. We are “about” relationship. Without others there is no true evolution of our souls or healing of our scars. Keeping this in mind, there is oneContinue reading “Handling Difficult People”